PPC Ad Editor Announces Pre-Launch of private beta waitlist access for the First Comprehensive Platform for PPC Campaign Development

PPC Ad Editor Announces Pre-Launch of private beta waitlist access for the First Comprehensive Platform for PPC Campaign Development

PPC Ad Editor unveiled today an exclusive waitlist to join an early-access community with a sign up for private beta launch. The platform allows digital marketing agencies to create, preview, and collaboratively revise PPC campaigns with clients.

β€œWe developed the PCADE platform because we saw a need. The current Google Ad creative process has significant challenges and constraints. It was not designed for digital marketing agencies,” Charles Sayasith, CEO of PPC Ad Editor, says. β€œWe wanted an experience that alleviates some of the difficulties associated with marketing collaboration and streamlines the creative process.”

The private beta launch will help the PCADE development team get user feedback on the platform before the widespread release of the product. The initial community of users includes digital agencies of all sizes across many industries.

Presenting a simple user experience was a priority for the team at PPC Ad Editor. First, the agency can create a campaign based on the client’s brief. Then, the agency can invite their client to view the campaign and comment online. From there, the collaborative process continues, with comments and version control securely saved in the Amazon AWS cloud for easy access in one place. Once the campaign is approved, the agency can upload to Google Ads directly from the PPC Ad Editor platform.

β€œBefore PCADE, the only way to share your ad mock-ups with the client was to build the ad on Google and then email your client a screenshot,” Sayasith says.

Sayasith explains when you are emailing different versions of the ads, particularly when the client has various campaigns, finding the most recent revision of each of the ads is time-consuming and could lead to version mix-ups.

Most agencies also use spreadsheets to present keywords and ad copy. However, it can get complicated fast with client changes and different versions of the spreadsheet, which slows down the approval process.

There are numerous features built into PCADE to make the creative stage of a PPC campaign much more effective and productive for agencies, Sayasith explains. The ads are always available online and easily shared, not buried in an email inbox. Also, organization features allow the agency to collect comments, make updates on the fly with inline-editing and simplify access to the most recent revision of a campaign.

β€œOnce the client approves, you can automatically plug the ads right into Google Ads,” Sayasith says. β€œWe also have bulk sheet import capability where you export your work and upload into our platform to speed up the time to market. If you have an active campaign on Google Ads our download sync allows you to pre-load a workspace with existing campaign builds so you can start mocking up ads quickly. For agencies that require hardcopy presentations we also have an export to PDF function that creates a nice presentable format for the mockups.

Moreover, PPC Ad Editor also has many campaign features. It creates a separate project for each brief and you can have a workspace for each individual client. The platform also keeps track of campaigns, ad groups, and keywords per project. It supports all keyword match types, as well as expanded text ads, responsive search ads, negative keywords, enhanced site links, structured snippets, call extensions and call outs. The platform also enables pharma-friendly display URLs.

PPC Ad Editor is designed for digital agencies of all sizes but is cost effective enough that small to medium-sized agencies can use it. A premium subscription plan will roll out later this year.

β€œThe Google AdWords preview window didn’t have the agency-client workflow and experience in mind,” Sayasith says. β€œPCADE does.”

About PPC Ad Editor: PPC Ad Editor, a.k.a. PCADE, is the first all-in-one platform that allows teams to create, share, edit PPC ad campaigns with their clients for direct upload into Google Ads. Refined over the last ten years by digital marketing experts, PCADE was designed for digital marketing agencies to streamline the PPC creative collaboration process with their clients. PCADE is hosted on the secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) Platform. For more information, visit www.ppcadeditor.com.

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