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“Must have tool for every PPC agency”

Great tool, saves me time when I am uploading the campaigns via Google Ad Editor
My clients finally understand how the ads will look like in Google search results
We get feedback really quickly now from my clients, they say it’s easier for them to approve the ads, when they see them
My clients also started to fix the ads by themselves ( Save me time 🙂 to do other tasks )
Excellent support from the tech team, they answered really quickly to any question I had.

I hope they will continue adding more features, and expanding to more adverting platforms

Thanks PPC Ad Editor team for your time saving tool!


“It’s great tool for PPC marketers, but many of them just don’t know they need it yet”
Overall: In the past, I needed to download the ad copy from Google Ads and copy&paste them in a more readable format (Excel) for the compliance team. After painstakingly consolidated and incorporated their comments, I needed to copy&paste all of those cells back to the Google Ads. The process was a tedious task. Now I can create campaigns in PPC Ad Editor, share it to the compliance team, they comment in it, I edit the ad copy in PPC Ad Editor directly, get compliance’s final approval and upload the approved copy to Google Ads, then the campaign goes live! Much easier!
Pros: PPC Ad Editor creates previews for all your ad groups automatically. No more mock-ups in Excel for your compliance, product and brand teams. Until PPC Ad Editor came along, it was a huge pain to coach internal parties on what Headline, Description and Sitelinks are and how they would look in the ads.

Cons:  East-Asian languages support are not yet there in the character limit calculation and PDF export. The characters show just fine in the preview though. It’s also quite pricey comparing with Google Ads Editor (free) and Excel (virtually free)
Alternatives Considered: Microsoft Excel
Reasons for Choosing PPC Ad Editor: Google Ads Editor is designed for seasoned PPC marketers but so not much for less experience ones and definitely not for internal parties (compliance, product, brand team, etc). Excel is on the other end of the spectrum: internal parties absolutely love it because it’s the only tool they know of, but it’s a pain to use for pro PPC marketers. If you can afford it, PPC Ad Editor is a no-brainer.

5 well deserved tacos for this. Just try it!

I used to show Google ads to my clients with screenshots or by exporting the account from Google Editor. Doing it once is fine, but doing it anytime is sooo time consuming. It is not practical at all. All of my clients have access to their account, but not all of them know where to see their campaigns, ad, keywords or extensions. I was encouraged to try PPC editor and found the tool to be great. I see a lot of value in this. I have an agency and I know that time is money so I try to invest in everything that saves me time. It really does what it promises and makes it easy to show and get customer feedback from a simple interface. I also love being able to view the entire campaign in one place. Generally, you have to navigate between campaigns, ad groups, keywords. The support team is great and answers by chat quickly and patiently to every question and feedback. It is true that there are some UX/UI improvements, mainly. Apparently they are working on it. I recommend it to any business that has Google Ads in its service catalogue. You will be able to save a lot of time and display your campaigns in an organized, simple and clean way. I would love to see the interface improved and also the integrations with Facebook and Instagram Ads. Satisfied with my purchase. Thank you!