COMPLIANCE made easy


Review ad copies and keywords visually 

Review Responsive Search Ads Visually

See all 3 headlines as they appear in the text ad

Review description 1 & description 2 to ensure ad messaging is concise

Supports Display URL option like "Prescription Treatment Website." Hover over the Display URL to reveal and click to the Final URL

See Up to (4) site link ad extensions with descriptions along side your text ad

Standardize the way you approve Google Paid Search campaigns

Collaboration Made Easy

PPCAdEditor is the first all-in-one platform that facilitates collaboration between digital marketing agencies, in-house marketing teams, clients, and regulatory teams

We make it easier for everyone to make comments or even edit the ads. For example, you can create, comment,  and/or edit your text ads with a couple of clicks. That’s it.

Never Go Over Copy Using Our Built-in Character Counter

Write your ads with confidence using our built-in visual ad builder with character count

Feedback has never been easier

Add and respond back to comments in a centralized area to ensure compliance from all reviewers

Share your ad copies with a secure link or invite reviewers via email

All the client’s campaigns and versions are online, in one place. Your client can view and comment anywhere, anytime and from their mobile, giving your team feedback instantly. Plus, if they change their mind and want to go back to a previous version, we have it right there, and you can revert to it with one click.

Generate PDFs with 1 Click

Convert your entire paid search campaign into PDF format for uploading into Veeva Vault

Add Custom Headers & Footers

Add MLR/regulatory submission numbers into the header or footer to keep track of versions

Save everyone a lot of headaches and improve the regulatory approval process with PPC Ad Editor