Security that fits your needs

PPC Ad Editor is hosted on the IBM Cloud which makes it easy to secure your sensitive content in the cloud, providing you with unchangeable audit logs

Data Protection

IBM Cloud is designed to protect your data with the capabilities to encrypt data at rest and data in motion across storage and data services, along with a key management service.

State-of-the-art data encryption, personally identifiable information (PII) monitoring and a network security program combine to offer a comprehensive solution for your data protection needs.

Your Proprietary Data

Protecting your proprietary content and data is mission-critical to IBM. IBM Cloud services are designed to protect your proprietary content and data. Access to your data is strictly controlled and monitored in accordance with IBM’s internal privileged user monitoring and auditing programs.

Compliance on the IBM Cloud

When it comes to meeting strict industry guidelines, IBM Cloud has done the work for you, fostering true compliance

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