Amazon Web Services: Security to fits your needs

PPC Ad Editor takes your data security seriously. We host your data on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which makes it easy to secure your sensitive content in the cloud and provide you with unchangeable audit logs. We never steal data and our partnership with AWS is one more way you know your data is safe and secure.

Data Protection

AWS protects your data with the capabilities to encrypt data at rest and data in motion across storage and data services with 256-bit encryption managed by AWS Key Management Service (KMS).

In addition, the platform has multiple failover safeguards in place for the servers with backups every four hours and Instance Backups every two hours.  Also, AWS data center locations are confidential to further defend customer data security and privacy.  

Combined with personally identifiable information (PII) monitoring and network security programs, AWS offers a comprehensive solution for your data protection needs.

Your Proprietary Data

Protecting your proprietary content and data is mission-critical to AWS. Access to your data is strictly controlled and monitored in accordance with AWS’ internal privileged user monitoring and auditing programs.

AWS also does not access your data without permission. They never employ your data for marketing or advertising purposes, either. 

Compliance on AWS

When it comes to meeting strict industry guidelines, AWS has done the work for you, fostering true compliance. AWS has access to the compliance standards that govern our industry and provide all the appropriate tools to ensure that we are meeting the compliance standards we should be. 

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