Top 5 Screenshot Tools for Presenting Your PPC Campaigns to Your Clients
  • September 1, 2021
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Top 5 Screenshot Tools for Presenting Your PPC Campaigns to Your Clients

If you are a PPC manager or consultant, it’s your job to communicate and present campaigns to clients. There are many tools out there for this purpose, but if you’re looking for the best screenshot tools that help you build high-quality presentations quickly, you need to be careful because, with this error, every client wants quality. 

Factors to Consider before getting  Screenshot Tools

The following are the factors to consider before getting screenshot tools for your PPC campaigns for your client:

The size (resolution) of the screenshot tool

PPC managers have to make sure that clients can preview their screenshots quickly and easily. If you fail to provide your client with a good-sized screenshot, they won’t be able to see anything from your presentation. In addition, clients should view everything in high resolution on one screen – no scrolling necessary.

The efficiency of the screenshot tools

It would help if you also had fast and efficient tools for building screenshots because time is money. There are many types of PPC campaigns: display campaigns, video ads, social media and news feed, local listings, etc. Clients will get tired if you take hours creating screenshots for all different kinds of advertising channels.

The editing options provided by the screenshot tools

Lastly, screenshot tools must support basic editing options like cropping and resizing. Clients will have questions about the ads or landing pages, which you’ll need to answer through screenshots.

You can’t edit screenshots in any PPC campaign; instead, you need to capture them with the best screenshot tool available.

Obviously, it’s up to you to decide which factors are most important for your PPC campaigns. Clients may or may not care about the size of the screenshots, so you must find out how they feel before buying any screenshot tool.

It would help if you were extra careful when choosing a screenshot tool because every campaign is different – what works for one campaign may not work for yours.

The following are the top quality screenshot tools for presenting your PPC campaigns to your clients:

Adbeat (AdBeat)

Adbeat (AdBeat) is a powerful PPC monitoring and competitive analysis tool that helps you create stunning screenshots of your competitor’s layouts, campaigns, ad groups, and keywords in minutes, saving you hours of work.

It conveniently organizes data into interactive charts and tables so you can quickly determine actionable insights to use when advising your clients on successful strategies for their paid search accounts.

ClixGalore Screenshot Builder

ClixGalore Screenshot Builder allows you to create beautiful screenshots easily with their user-friendly interface while allowing you to customize every aspect of the screenshot (size, color schemes/themes, shadows, fonts).

ClixGalore Screenshot Builder also lets you add logos from your ClixGalore account and target specific campaigns/ad groups to showcase within the screenshot.

AdEspresso’s Screenshot Builder

 AdEspresso’s Screenshot Builder is a simple way to depict any ad campaign in seconds accurately. Apart from creating screenshots with one click, you can also add custom logos within the screenshot and choose which traffic sources you wish to display on each ad, as well as what language and location you want to use for targeting.

This tool allows PPC managers to quickly create high-quality screenshots without taking up too much time or effort at all.



ScreenFlow is advanced screencasting and video editing software that allows users to record whatever is happening on their screens while simultaneously recording their voice and face.

This tool is very useful for PPC managers who use PPC platforms that don’t have screenshot capabilities (such as Adwords Editor) because, with ScreenFlow, you can quickly create high-quality presentations to share with your clients!


Clarity lets you create beautiful screenshots of ad groups, campaigns, ads, and landing pages in less than 30 seconds without having to deal with the trouble of uploading it through FTP or emailing it to yourself.

Clarity also offers a screenshot history feature so you can easily revert to older versions of screenshots, which is extremely helpful when creating screenshots for different messages/periods where each has a separate layout and design requirement.

ClixGal Screenshot Builder also takes advantage of Clarity’s screenshot history feature, which allows you to go back and make changes as needed.

There are many tools out there for creating high-quality screenshots quickly and easily! Clients will be impressed when they receive professional presentations on their PPC campaigns without having to take much time off their hands. With ClixGalore Clarity, you can create very effective screenshots that communicate your message at lightning speed!

Benefits of using screenshot tools to Clients

How do you present information about your PPC campaigns to clients? Clients have questions that need answering. In addition, clients fear they may not understand what’s going on with their account and marketing efforts, so walking them through a presentation will make it easier for them to understand better.

Clients like knowing what is happening in the campaign as well. Clients won’t focus on all the changes if you only give them a PowerPoint presentation or a spreadsheet file; they’ll want to see how it affects their business. Screenshot tools are much better than spreadsheets for showing clients what’s going on and keeping them happy about the campaign.

The screenshot tools allow you to show information such as the number of clicks, conversions, how much is spent on a certain campaign, and the results of the PPC campaigns. Clients love having access to this information, and it keeps them in the loop about everything they need to know.

Client-friendly screenshot tools also make it easier to schedule meetings and train clients to edit campaigns. Clients like knowing what is happening in the campaign as well.


In conclusion, there are many screenshot tools out there; some offer basic editing features, whereas others only allow you to capture screenshots. Clients need the best presentation of your PPC campaigns, and nothing short of that will do. They should be able to view everything on one screen without scrolling.

Therefore with so many screenshot tools, it is always a challenge to find the best for your PPC campaigns. This list of five top screenshot tools offers you some guidance based on our experience with them. We hope these will help increase your conversion rates!

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