How To Mock Up Google Ads for Your Client

How To Mock Up Google Ads for Your Client

Are you looking for a Google ads previewer tool?

Here are some ways to mock up your paid search ads so your client can review them before you launch:

THE OK WAY – Create your paid search ads directly in Google Ads and take a screenshot

    • Pros
      • Very easy. No additional tools needed. Simply hit the print screen button and copy/paste into word doc or directly into an email and send off to your client
      • Google already has its own ads preview tool.
      • Great for a small number of ads
    • Cons
      • Lots of manual screenshots if you need to show a large number of ads or keywords
      • If edits are needed, you will need to log back into google ads and retype up the entire ad

THE BETTER WAY – Create ads in excel and format them to look like the SERP results

    • Pros
      • Very easy. You can use any spreadsheet tool to mock up the ads.
      • Easy to format. You can build an unlimited number of ads, keywords, and even group by campaign, ad group, etc
      • The client can easily add comments, or make edits directly on the file
    • Cons
      • Time. Once the client approves, you need to manually re-enter the ad copies, keywords, etc into Google Ads or Google Adwords Editor. Depending on the size of your campaigns, this can take a couple of mins to hours.
      • Higher chances of human error. Once uploaded into the search engines, you will need to QA to make sure all the copy, keywords are correct.
      • Hard to collaborate and keep track of the latest versions. Emails going back and forth with the client. Editing wrong versions. Tons of comments.

THE BEST WAY – Use a Google ad preview tool like PPC Ad Editor that also allows you to upload your campaign directly to Google Ads

    • Pros
      • Very easy. Create your campaign, ad groups, keywords, and ad copy similar using a simple dashboard
      • Google Ads Preview mode allows you to share your campaign, keywords, and ad copies online with your client
      • Easy collaboration. Your clients can make comments right on the preview mode.
      • Fast edits. Make edits directly in preview mode
      • Fast upload. Once your client approves the campaign build, simply click upload to have it publish to Google Ads
      • Speed to market. Since you don’t have to manually upload the ads, you have more time to do your favorite things like watch Netflix.
    • Cons
      • There is a fee. Yes, but there are different pricing levels, and entry-level pricing is offered if you are on a budget.

You can also check out our free Google ads creator tool for responsive search ads.

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