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Because Spreadsheets Are Making Your Job Harder Than it Has to Be

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Your job is to implement clients’ PPC campaign strategies. However, you likely spend more time chasing down the most recent Excel spreadsheet in an email chain than you do strategizing.

Collaborating with your clients with today’s PPC campaign creative process is inefficient and disorganized. Not only is it time-consuming for your clients, but it also keeps you from engaging in the high-level responsibilities your role requires when managing clients’ ongoing PPC campaigns.

If you have ever painstakingly re-entered the approved campaign build manually in Google Ads only to realize you didn’t pull the most recent Excel file, then you know what we mean.

If you have ever missed a typ0 on your data entry and not realized it until it was too late, then you know what we mean.

It is time to fix the way you work — and we have it.

Makes managing Google Ads PPC campaigns easy with an all-in-one platform that saves you time and headaches.

Our features simplify collaboration. You can demo your campaign, showing clients how it delivers the desired message to the target markets. Extraordinary presentations make lasting impressions, which lead to deeper client pockets.

Also, you have an efficient way to ensure your PPC Ad campaign's Quality Assurance within your agency's internal team, where they can offer suggestions and feedback—as well as snarky comments about the typos you missed.

In addition, PPC Ad Editor streamlines everyone's feedback with a straightforward way to communicate. So, whether you need to explain something to your team or connect with the client, you have the tools you need, no “reply-all” necessary.

Plus, once you have approval, there is no manual re-entry from the Excel sheet. You upload with one click; launching campaign builds quicker than the competition.

PPC Ad Editor

Saves you time, freeing you up to do what you do best, strategize. Also, you get your clients’ campaigns launched fast, so they get results more quickly than before. Best of all, PPC Ad Editor makes your agency look good, which makes you look good, which makes it easier to get that raise you want.

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