Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Facebook Ad Campaign Examples to Inspire Your Creativity

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    Looking for some creative inspiration for your next healthcare or pharmaceutical Facebook advertising campaign? Check out these examples of successful ads that have generated impressive results. From clever use of images to powerful messaging, these examples will give you some ideas on what works and help you create an ad that really grabs attention. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your own successful healthcare or pharmaceutical Facebook ad today!

    More and more people are turning to the internet for health and wellness advice, including products and general information.

    This is especially true for pharmaceutical products, as people want to be sure they’re making the best possible choice for their health. This makes online advertising a great way to reach potential customers who are interested in your product.

    Because of the large audience it has, Facebook is an excellent platform for healthcare and pharmaceutical advertising. With over two billion active users, Facebook provides a significant potential audience for your ad. You may target your ad depending on sophisticated criteria to the appropriate individuals, ensuring that you’re reaching those most interested and qualified prospects.

    Before we get to the Facebook advertising examples, let’s first take a look at their policies.

    What are Facebook’s rules on healthcare ads?


    The advertising of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications is allowed on Facebook, but must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries where the ads are run.

    In addition, all drug ads must include a disclosure about the risks associated with taking the medication.

    Although Facebook recommends the primary text to be no more than 125 characters (to avoid your copy from truncating) you can add more text and include all of the risk and important safety information (ISI) to be compliant.

    Or, another option would be to create video ads and have the ISI scroll underneath the video itself to comply.

    Can I target Facebook Users with specific health conditions?

    In the past, Facebook allowed you to target your ads to individuals based on their specific health conditions. This allows you to reach those who are most likely to be interested in your product. You can target by condition, including both broad and specific conditions, or by symptoms.

    However, Facebook has announced that certain detailed targeting options will be removed.

    We’re discontinuing certain detailed targeting options. These options have been highlighted for you to review. You’ll find alternatives for some highlighted options when you hover over them. Replace or remove these options and publish the changes to make sure your ad set continues to run on March 17, 2022.

    How can I target users with specific health conditions if they are not listed as categories on Facebook?

    If you’re looking to target users with a specific health condition that is not currently listed as a targeting category on Facebook, there are a couple of options.

    – First, you can target broader interests categories like “Drive to Stop Diabetes 300” or “Men’s Health (magazine)” to zero in

    – Second, you target broader interests like “cancer awareness” or groups like “American Heart Association”

    – You can also target interests such as “health and wellness” or “fitness”

    Both of these methods will allow you to reach individuals who have an interest in the health topic that you are targeting, even if they don’t specifically list themselves as having that condition.

    Healthcare Facebook Ad Examples


    Facebook Target Audience – US adults aged 40–64 and those interested in COPD and related indicators such as respiratory care, pulmonology, smoking, air pollution, asthma, healthy lifestyles, and wellness.

    AstraZeneca collaborated with its social agency, imre Health, to create an integrated campaign that tested running advertisements on both television—a conventional marketing channel—and on Facebook, a site where patients are most engaged.


    Facebook Target Audience – The team showed the ads to a broad audience of US adults aged 25–54.

    The campaign generated a video ad that combined rapid-cutting or lightweight motion scenes, closeup product images, and messaging about how acidic foods might harm tooth enamel. However, Pronamel Repair Toothpaste can assist or be involved in a beauty regimen. Each commercial included a “Shop Now” button that directed to for purchase

    Cosmetic Derma Medicine

    Facebook Target Audience – Broad audience of women in Greece and Cyprus aged 18 and older.

    Cosmetic Derma Medicine conducted its Black Friday campaign in two phases. The first four days leading up to Black Friday, the business ran leads ads with a teaser video that hinted at the deal. Next, Cosmetic Derma Medicine created a Custom Audience of people who responded to the lead offer.

    Following that, Cosmetic Derma Medicine announced the deal to the leads from the first phase as well as specialized Custom Audiences created from past clients and website visitors. These individuals saw mobile-friendly, attention-grabbing video and photo advertisements advertising the Black Friday special offer with a “Book Now” action call to action.


    Facebook Target Audience – Broad audience in the UK

    For Halloween 2019, Thriva decided to test out a seasonal ad campaign. The in-house creative team created a tongue-in-cheek Halloween-themed visual to convey the idea that health checks aren’t frightening, which was then used in a series of video advertisements with seasonal text to trumpet a special membership deal.

    Thriva then ran Halloween-themed video creative and copy in ads for broad audiences in the UK, as well as videos with entertainment and Halloween text. Thriva was able to measure things like abandoned checkouts and retargeting subsequent advertisements to entice visitors to take advantage of the offer and join up using the Facebook pixel on its website.

    Advanced Hair Clinics

    Facebook Target Audience – Audiences similar to its patients from Greece and Cyprus, using international lookalike audiences to reach men aged 25–60 in the UK, France and Germany.

    Advanced Hair Clinics began by creating video ads to establish brand awareness, as well as carousel and photo ads featuring travel-related images and a call to action to visit a website landing page in the appropriate language. People saw the ads in Facebook and Instagram feed, in Stories, and across Audience Network placements.

    The second stage of the campaign was designed to generate leads from individuals who might want hair restoration surgery. Advanced Hair Clinics expanded these advertisements and showed them to people who had seen the first video ad or visited the website as a result of seeing an ad. These lead commercials enticed consumers to contact about the clinics’ services by clicking right on the ad.

    To read more about these Facebook ad campaigns or to see more healthcare ad examples, visit Facebook’s official website here. 

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