Google Ads Approval Tool for Clients
  • July 8, 2021
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Google Ads Approval Tool for Clients

Google Ads Mockup Made Easy


Are you looking for a Google ads visualization tool to help with the client ad approval process? Are you tired of mocking up ads manually using spreadsheets and having to explain to them how it appears on Google’s search results page?

If so, PPC Ad Editor is the perfect Google Ads tool for client approval. The best part about using PPC Ad Editor is that it can give you a single view of all of your campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and even ad extensions (site links, call-outs, phone calls, and structured snippets) – all without logging into your Google Ads account.

This tool is perfect for organizations that have multiple people who need to review/approve the ads before it gets launched including account supervisors, copywriters, compliance/regulator team, legal medical reviews, and more.

PPC Ad Editor allows teams and clients to collaborate in real-time with comments online, without the need to email Excel files back and forth.

Gone are the days of sending text-heavy spreadsheets or screenshots of the different variations of the Google ads.

What is PPC Ad Editor?


PPC Ad Editor is unique tool agencies can use before they upload and launch a Google Ads campaign. It was specifically designed for agencies who currently mock-up ads using spreadsheets and/or take screenshots of their ads for client approval.

Our platform helps accelerate the client approval process by allowing for commenting, editing, and uploading directly to Google Ads via API integration.

Here’s How Our Google Ads Approval Software Works:


Step 1 – Building a Preview

A “Preview” is the document that will include all of your campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and ad extensions you want to have reviewed or approved by the client. PPC Ad Editor allows several different ways to create a preview. Most agencies we have worked with prefer to build out their paid search campaigns using excel first using our template. Once the build-out is complete, you can import the file into our platform. We also support Google Ad Editor CSV files as well for those who prefer to build out campaigns using Google’s free tool.

If you don’t want to build out your campaigns in excel or Google Ads Editor, you can either download existing campaigns from your Google Ads account or you can build them from scratch using our ad builder.

Once you have your data imported into the platform, you can easily edit any objects using our visual ad builder.

Currently, PPC Ad Editor supports Search Ads Only (Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Search Ads and Call Only Ads.)

Step 2 – Generating a Google Ads Mockup (Preview)

Once the data is in, all you have to do is click “Preview” and it will automatically generate a visual representation of all of your campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. Within the preview settings, you have the option of showing ad extensions alongside your ads.

You can also switch to “Executive View”, which will show you all of the unique objects (ad extensions, ads, and keywords) in blocks to make it even easier to review.

For those that manage Pharmaceutical accounts, we included a feature to switch the display URL to “Prescription Treatment Website” in the ads to help clients understand what those ads can look like.

Step 3 – Client Review & Feedback

Once you are happy with your Preview, you can now share it with a reviewer either by generating a shareable URL or inviting a reviewer by email. Depending on the level of access, you can give reviewers read-only, comment, or even edit access to your previews. All of this is done online without having the need to create and send different files of your previews.

You are able to see all of the comments your reviewers have made directly online, or you can choose to export the entire file (with comments) into an excel document. Once you have addressed all the comments and made all of the updates you need, you can reimport the same file and the preview will be automatically updated (with all of the comments intact for compliance tracing).

Step 4 – Launch Your Campaigns

When your campaign is fully approved by the reviewer, you have two options. You can either upload them directly in Google Ads or you can export them into Google Ads Editor. That’s it. No cutting and pasting.

In conclusion, PPC Ad Editor is a tool designed for agencies who create ads mockups using Google Ads or other spreadsheet programs. It allows teams and clients to collaborate in real-time with comments online, without the need to email Excel files back and forth.

It’s time to stop wasting hours of your day sending spreadsheets back and forth – PPC Ad Editor makes collaborating fast, easy, and efficient!


Our pricing starts at $99/month per user depending on the level of access you would like them to have. We also offer discounts based on annual billing cycles as well as smaller bundles if you just want one additional user outside of our monthly plan (i.e., only two users). Please contact us for more

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