10 Call Tracking Platforms to Improve Your PPC Performance
  • August 25, 2021
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10 Call Tracking Platforms to Improve Your PPC Performance

One of the best ways to improve your PPC campaign performance is by tracking calls. Call tracking platforms are used to measure and analyze call conversions, increasing overall traffic and revenue. 

There are many different call tracking platforms on the market, but not all will meet your needs. This blog post will discuss 10 call tracking platforms that you can use with your PPC campaign!

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a marketing tactic used to measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaign by tracking phone calls. Once you have installed call tracking software on your website, it will trigger an event every time someone clicks and completes a link to your site from an advertisement or email. 

This can be achieved in several ways:

  • When someone clicks an ad or links to your site through their email.
  • When they land on one of the landing pages that has been optimized with conversion-tracking codes (i.e., Google Analytics) and then complete the desired action.


How do I use it?

Call tracking is most commonly used to measure how many people call after clicking on an advertisement or link. It can also help determine your conversion rates, the number of new customers you get per dollar spent, and much more.

Why should I use it? The benefits of call tracking include:

Improved PPC campaign performance

With call tracking, you can calculate how many phone calls a campaign produces. This information can be used to make changes and improvements in the future, such as increasing bids on keywords that generate more phone leads.

Increased revenue

Call tracking software can link your online efforts with offline sales – this means you can see what ads are driving people to call your business! You will then be able to use these insights for optimization purposes, leading to an increase in revenue-generating conversions.

Better understanding of where consumers are coming from (i.e., what websites they’re visiting)

One of the best features of call tracking is that it can link offline sales to online traffic. This means you will know what websites and advertisements are leading people to call your business, leading to increased conversions.

Call Tracking Platforms to Consider


#1 – CallRail (prices vary depending on volume)

CallRail’s services start at only $149 per month, but they can scale up to meet any specific needs. They offer Google Analytics and Hubspot integrations, so it would be beneficial if these features were important to you! You’ll also have access to an unlimited number of phone numbers and the ability to track all kinds of call data.

#2 – Call Tracking by Phone.com (prices vary depending on volume)

Phone.com is an excellent option to consider if you are looking for an all-inclusive phone service that includes call tracking and other features like voicemail, faxing, conference calls, etcetera. They offer different packages at various price points based on the number of minutes or years desired – these include unlimited incoming calls with varying lengths of time allotted per month

#3 – 800Response

800RESPONSE is a call-tracking platform that will help you track your phone traffic – including where they’re located, what time of day it was when the call happened, and how long the person on the other end talked for. They also offer integrations with Google Analytics so you can gain valuable data about your website’s performance.

#4 – ActiveDemand

ActiveDemand is a service that will allow you to monitor calls from various sources like social media campaigns or other external marketing efforts. They offer a variety of different package options to meet your specific needs.

#5 – Call Action

Call Action is an organization that provides conversion-driven services, like website design and data collection tools. Their call tracking service starts at \$149/month for up to 1000 phone numbers with unlimited minutes – but they also offer other add ons which will cost you more money depending on what features are important to you! 

#6 – CallFire

If social media marketing is one of the most prominent parts of your campaign, then this company might be able to help! The tool has a built-in communications dashboard where businesses can track the performance of their social media posts. This service has a free plan with up to two tracked phone numbers, but you’ll need to upgrade for more features.

#7 – Call Source

CallSource is an all-inclusive call tracking solution that will help monitor your inbound and outbound calls. They have various plans available at different price points as well – these include unlimited minutes, as well as integrations with many popular CRM systems like Salesforce or Infusionsoft.

#8 – CallTrackingMetrics

This is an excellent option if you need more than 100 tracked phone numbers – as it costs \$50 per month for every 1000 additional phone numbers added to your account. They have several different plans available, so you can choose how many minutes and which features are essential to you.

#9 –  Whatconverts

Whatconverts provides you with an array of different marketing services at an affordable rate. They offer great prices on PPC ads and other forms of digital marketing, as well as phone tracking features. Their basic plan starts at $99/month for unlimited conversions!

#10 – Invoca

Powered by AI technology, Invoca offers a complete call tracking service that will allow you to track calls from various sources. Their website boasts a 99.7% accuracy rating on their data, so this could be something worth looking into!

How do I install the software?

A majority of the sites will require you to install a snippet of code onto your website. You’ll need to copy the code onto all of your landing pages them to activate correctly. 

Things To Keep In Mind

You should note that some call tracking platforms offer features like automated voice prompts, caller ID verification, or even automatic recording. Hence, you need to know exactly what functionality you want before making any decisions.


There are many call tracking platforms available, but not all of them will work for every business. It’s essential to take stock of what you need and find the best call tracking solution that fits your needs!

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