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Because Your Time is Too Valuable
to Review PPC Ad Campaigns with Spreadsheets


You pay an agency to manage your advertising campaigns. You expect them to be efficient and organized in the process.

Unfortunately, unlike other forms of advertising, collaboration on Google Ads PPC (pay per click) campaigns is not efficient or organized. The Google Ads creative process is excellent for marketers to create PPC campaigns for themselves, but not for clients to review them.

Right now, the only way to share a mock-up is to create the ad on a “paused” campaign, take a screenshot of it, put the screenshots in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or an email and show it to you as the client. The creative process is both time-consuming and challenging, as a result.

Your time is too valuable for that. You need an easier
way to work with your agency and understand the campaign build — and we have it.

is the first all-in-one platform that facilitates collaboration between digital marketing agencies and their clients for Google Ads PPC campaigns. It simplifies the creative process and streamlines campaign approvals.

Our PPC tools and features make the creative process of a PPC campaign easier.
Our platform allows your agency to create, preview, and revise your PPC ad campaign per your direction. Also, the ads are always available online and in one place. So, no more searching for the latest version of the revised campaign at the end of a long email string.

Once approved, PPC Ad Editor provides a direct upload into Google Ads.

So, why isn’t your agency using PPC Ad Editor’s Platform?
We are new, and they might not know about us yet.

However, you can change that and save a lot of time and frustration on your part in the process.

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Best of all, it costs you nothing except the loss of friction and disappointment with the creative process.

Simplify my Agency’s PPC Ad Campaign Creative Process