Twitter Ads Mockup Tool

Twitter Ads Mockup Tool

Support for Twitter Single Image Promoted Tweet

Take your client’s marketing strategy to the next level with The Single Image Promoted Tweet Mockup from PPC Ad Editor. Targeting based on interests, geography, gender, device, or users similar to your followers will help you show off the power of your agency’s marketing strategy for those who are already interested in your client’s brand. With an average CTR of 1-3% and engagement rates as high as 22%, Promoted Trends provide a 30% lift in positive mentions too.

Comment and Share in Real time

If you’re a company with a social media presence, then you know that there are plenty of targeted ways to get your message in front of customers. 

Your agency and your client can work together to craft the perfect tweet.  PPC Ad Editor, now supports Twitter Single Image Promoted Tweet mockups so you can easily share and get feedback and build the perfect tweet.

Not everyone is going to see your regular Tweets or even your newest blog post, but the right audience will see them when you promote your tweets which can help propel your brand into popularity.  Use our mockup tool to build the perfect tweet together with your team.

Twitter Promoted Tweet Mockup Tool

Build (and mockup) Twitter Ads FASTER!

Start with our easy to use mockup tool and show your clients what their Twitter Ads will look like visually.