10 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Google Ads Agency: Boost Your Campaign Performance
  • March 18, 2023
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10 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Google Ads Agency: Boost Your Campaign Performance

As businesses continue to rely on digital marketing to reach their target audience and drive results, Google Ads has become a crucial component in many online advertising strategies. However, managing and optimizing Google campaigns can be a daunting task, especially for those with limited experience.

To ensure your Google Ads investments yield the best possible results, hiring an agency to manage your campaigns might be the right move. But how do you choose the right agency? In this blog post, we’ll discuss 10 essential questions to ask a potential agency before hiring them to manage your Google campaigns.

These questions, along with the corresponding good and bad answers, will help you make an informed decision and find the right partner to meet your business objectives.

Question: What is your experience with managing Google campaigns?


Good Answer: We have been managing Google campaigns for over 5 years and have worked with clients across various industries, helping them achieve their goals through effective strategies and optimizations.

Bad Answer: We have only managed a couple of campaigns for our friends’ businesses, but we’re confident we can help you.

Question: What certifications and qualifications do you have related to Google Ads?

Good Answer: Our team members are Google Ads certified professionals, and we also hold certifications in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Bad Answer: We don’t have any specific certifications, but we have been learning about Google Ads through online forums and YouTube tutorials.

Question: How do you approach keyword research and selection?

Good Answer: We use a mix of tools like Google Keyword Planner, competitor analysis, and industry-specific research to identify high-converting keywords and negative keywords to optimize your campaigns.

Bad Answer: We just use Google’s suggestions and pick the ones that seem relevant.

Question: How do you structure and optimize campaigns and ad groups?

Good Answer: We segment campaigns and ad groups based on your business goals, products/services, and target audience. This allows us to create targeted ads, monitor performance, and make data-driven optimizations.

Bad Answer: We usually create one big campaign with a few ad groups and add all the keywords to it.

Question: What bidding strategies do you use and why?

Good Answer: We choose the bidding strategy based on your campaign goals, budget, and competition. This could include manual CPC, enhanced CPC, target CPA, or target ROAS strategies.

Bad Answer: We always use manual CPC because it’s the easiest to understand and manage.

Question: How do you track conversions and measure success?

Good Answer: We set up conversion tracking using Google Ads and Google Analytics, ensuring proper attribution and tracking of goals that align with your business objectives, such as leads, sales, or other desired actions.

Bad Answer: We just look at the number of clicks on the ads to determine success.

Question: How often do you provide performance reports, and what do they include?

Good Answer: We provide detailed monthly reports that cover key performance indicators, such as impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, conversions, and ROI. We also include insights and recommendations for ongoing improvements.

Bad Answer: We’ll send you a screenshot of your Google Ads dashboard whenever you ask for it.

Question: What is your approach to ad copy and creative?

Good Answer: We develop ad copy and creative based on your brand guidelines, target audience, and keyword intent. We perform A/B testing to identify the best-performing ads and continually refine them for maximum performance.

Bad Answer: We just use the same ad copy for all ads and change a few words to make them unique.

Question: How do you handle budget management and pacing?

Good Answer: We closely monitor budget allocation, pacing, and performance throughout the month to ensure optimal results within your budget constraints. We make adjustments as needed to maximize ROI.

Bad Answer: We usually set the budget at the beginning of the month and don’t make any changes until the next month.

Question: How do you stay up to date with Google Ads best practices and industry trends?

Good Answer: We attend industry conferences, webinars, and workshops, and actively participate in online forums and communities. We also maintain strong relationships with our Google Ads representatives to stay informed about the latest updates.

Bad Answer: We rely on articles and blog posts that we come across occasionally.

Selecting the right agency to manage your Google campaigns is vital for the success of your digital marketing strategy. By asking these 10 critical questions, you can gauge the agency’s experience, expertise, and approach to managing Google Ads.

Remember, the ideal agency should not only provide satisfactory answers to these questions but also demonstrate their commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends and delivering data-driven optimizations.

By conducting a thorough evaluation and understanding the difference between good and bad answers, you’ll be well-equipped to find the perfect agency to help you achieve your marketing goals and maximize the return on your Google Ads investment.

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