Google Ad Mockups Made Easy

Share Ad Mockups & Keywords With Your Clients for Feedback Visually 

The Ultimate Google Ads Preview Tool for Ad Approvals

Get faster ad approvals from your clients so you can launch their campaigns sooner. The slow, manual days of data entry into spreadsheets or taking screenshots are over.

PPC Ad Editor is an intuitive way to present your paid search ads and collaborate with clients for easier feedback.

Streamline Your Ad Creation, Collaboration, and Compliance Approval Workflows

PPC Ad Editor’s intelligent workflows make it easy to create ads—starting either with your existing spreadsheets or in the tool itself. When your ads and campaigns are ready, use frictionless audit and versioning features to smooth review and compliance. Then upload to Google Ads Editor with a click.

Share Your Campaigns to Your Clients the Easy Way

Responsive Search Ad Template

Build Your Campaigns Visually

Quickly Build Your Campaign
Use our built-in visual ad builder, import a bulksheet or Google Ads Editor file, or download existing campaigns directly from Google Ads


See Randomized RSA Variations
Visually explain how RSA ads work to your clients.  Understand quickly with less confusion.

Preview & Share Your Campaigns Online with a Link

Generate Beautiful and Easy to Read  Google Ads Mockups
Quickly generate mockups of ads, keywords, ad extensions and more with a couple of clicks

View Your Google Ad Previews Online
Share your entire PPC campaign build with anyone —from your web browser

Collaborate & Get Feedback Instantly

Collaborate and Get Instant Feedback
Add comments or review feedback; approve or reject requests with real time notifications

Never Go Over Copy Using Our Built-in Character Counter

Write your ads with confidence using our built-in visual ad builder with character count


View Mobile Version of Your Text Ads

See what your mobile ads really look like
Our mobile preview is the most accurate compared to other tools out there

We get it. Change is hard.

We know the process of creating and approving ads have been the same for at least 10 years. Now is the time to make that change. Trust us. Your clients will be much happier. So will you with all that time you will be saving.

Who Is PPC Ad Editor For?

Content Creators

Features like search-and-replace, tracked changes, PDF export, and unlimited reviewers make it easy to collaborate on compliant ads.

Project Managers

Easily control project versioning to reduce errors.

Ad Managers

Directly upload ads and campaigns or export to CSV.


Review and comment on all facets of ads and campaigns.


Unlimited dashboards provide all your clients with a simple way to collaborate on their PPC campaigns.

Easily present campaigns for approvals or compliance review

With intelligent workflows, creating and collaborating on PPC Ads is better, easier, and faster

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

When reviewing ad copy for approval or compliance—and make all changes in real-time inside PPC Ad Editor

Invite reviewers & collaborators

Сomment in PPC Ad Editor or export “as-they’ll-run” previews to PDF (paid version). Approvals and compliance just got a whole lot easier.

Gain confidence around edits

Gain confidence around edits and build an audit trail with upcoming features like search-and-replace and tracked changes.

After sign-off

After sign-off, eliminate transcription errors by uploading approved ads directly to Google Ads using the platform’s integration capabilities.

Build (and launch) campaigns FASTER with our Google Ad Preview Generator

Start with either with your existing spreadsheets or in the tool itself, and can get work done quickly.