Send Your Boss to PPC Ad Editor:

Because Spreadsheets
Are Ruining Your Client Experience.

Your job is to keep the clients happy. Let’s face it; collaboration on Google
Ads PPC (pay per click) campaigns is not great for keeping clients happy.

The creative process for digital agencies on PPC campaigns is neither efficient nor
organized. It isn’t an ideal process for your client, your PPC Manager, or you.

If you have ever endured the agonizing silence of a conference call when your
team scrambles to produce a view for the client of an in-process campaign, then
you know what we mean.

If you have ever searched through an endless email string looking for the Excel
sheet with most recent changes to a campaign until your eyes bled, then you
know what we mean.

You need a better way to work — and we have it.

is the first all-in-one platform that facilitates collaboration between digital marketing agencies and their clients for Google Ads PPC campaigns. campaign approvals.

Our features make it easier for everyone to collaborate. For example, you can create, preview, and revise your PPC ad campaign per the client’s direction—in real-time. While. They. Watch.

Communication has never been more transparent with a paid search campaign. You can showcase the ads to the client and explain what you are doing and why. Then, the client can offer the immediate direction that will help you better understand their marketing strategy, making it easier for you to provide insight into the client’s goals to the account manager.

Also, you will never have to search for an attachment again. All the client’s campaigns and versions are online, in one place. Your client can view and comment anywhere, anytime and from their mobile, giving your team feedback instantly. Plus, if they change their mind and want to go back to a previous version, we have it right there, and you can revert to it with one click.

Best of all, PPC Ad Editor provides a direct upload into Google Ads with one click allowing you to launch campaigns directly from the platform and start getting your client results faster.

Save everyone a lot of headaches and improve the client experience with the PPC creative process.

Improve My Client’s Experience with PPC Ad Campaigns