About Us

PPC Ad Editor is the first all-in-one platform that streamlines collaboration between digital marketing agencies and their clients for the PPC (pay per click) creative campaign process.

The Google Ads creative process is excellent for marketers to create their own PPC campaigns. However, with the introduction of a digital agency into the creative process, the platform has shortcomings. The only way to share a mock-up is to create the ad on a “paused” campaign, take a screenshot of it, and email it.  It is time-consuming and challenging to collaborate with clients on digital ads as a result.

The PPC Ad Editor platform helps digital marketing agencies create, preview and revise PPC ads with clients. Not only does it simplify the creative process and shorten the time to market with campaigns, but it also streamlines the campaign approval process.

Presenting a simple user experience was a priority for us. We thought about every detail, from creating the draft to controlling versions and organizing comments. Once approved, the platform provides a direct upload into Google Ads.

We built in numerous features to make the formative stage of a PPC campaign easier.  Also, the ads are always available online and in one place, rather than buried in the email inbox at the end of a long string of responses.

We are designed for digital agencies of all sizes, but we are affordable enough that small- to medium-sized agencies can use it. Plus, we let you try it out for free to ensure that it works for you.

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Who We Are

Well, we’re the brains behind this incredible tool to make your life in digital marketing a little easier. We are a team made up of designers and digital marketers, search strategists and entrepreneurs.

We are also people who, just like you, wasted countless hours creating PPC campaigns with spreadsheets, submitting for stakeholder approval, and then uploading them manually into Google Ads.

The idea of PPC Ad Editor has been carefully refined over the last ten years by people who work for digital marketing agencies. We realized a comprehensive tool to create, share and upload campaigns to Google Ads was missing.

So, we built one. You’re welcome.

That said, we are always improving PPC Ad Editor. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know below.