Use Cases

Client/Stake Holder campaign approval

As a PPC manager, account executive or the like, securing ad copy and keyword approval from clients can be a time-consuming practice. The current process is very manual.

You are probably doing one (or a combination) of the following which take quite a bit of time:

1. Creating ads in the Google ads interface and taking screenshots

2. Mockup ads in a spreadsheet (or photoshop)

3. Using Google Ads Editor HTML export

No matter what option you choose, a lot of cut and paste (along with patience) is required.

Presenting the campaign is a challenge. A lot of hand holding, and explanation is needed.

And let us not forget about getting feedback. Reviewing and applying comments is painful, especially on larger campaigns and build outs.

PPC Ad Editor accelerates the client approval and sign off process in 4 easy steps:

1. Build

Quickly build out small or large PPC campaigns either using our visual ad builder. Or, upload a prebuilt campaign using our bulksheet/Google Ads Editor importer

2. Preview

With just a couple of clicks, you can generate a preview of your entire campaign that can be viewed online with a secure URL

3. Collaborate

Give your clients access to the preview and they can easily insert comments and provide feedback.

Now your clients can easily reject or approve your campaign without sending multiple emails and/or files.


Easily edit the file on the spot or better yet, provide your clients with edit access and they can update the text themselves.

4. Final Approval

Convert your approved campaign into a PDF with a couple of clicks. Have your client sign off so you don’t have to worry about launching the wrong campaign again.

Generating fast and easy ad mockups

Many times, we need a quick and dirty way to mockup ads just to show the client. Sometimes they need to see an ad with all the ad extensions. Or we need to test if a particular headline or description is within Google’s character limits.

With PPC Ad Editor, you can quickly mockup an ad using our visual ad builder. Or you can import a csv file that contains your pre-built campaigns from Google Ads Editor or from a bulk sheet template.

Once you have your ads built, share them with your client using a simple URL. All of your ads can be viewed directly from a web browser.

Campaign Asset Management

Keeping track of different excel files or versions of campaigns is a tough task. Yes, you can sift through your Google Ads campaign history or better yet, browse through your own files or emails and hope that you still have a copy.

With PPC Ad Editor, you can access old campaigns with just a couple clicks. Using our version history feature, you can view old campaigns in a cinch. This is great for onboarding new employees and showing them what messaging was approved before by the client.

Other team members like your website content writers or graphic designers can all access your PPC campaigns so your messaging is cohesive across all of your creative assets.

New Hire Skill Testing

There are several ways that you can recruit PPC management talent for your organization. However, is any of them as useful as seeing how they would structure a campaign? By viewing their work in an organized, collaborative, and shareable platform, you have everything you need to bring in the best of the best before your competition nabs them.

PPC Ad Editor allows you to have potential hires set up a campaign without the need for an actual Google Ads account.

Candidates can demonstrate how they structure a campaign, research keywords, and create ads.

You can see their work in an organized fashion. No more clicking around on spreadsheets or looking for tabs with the relevant information. You get a mockup that looks just like on the actual search engine results page.

You can give the candidate instant feedback. Using the collaboration tools built into our platform, you can provide edits with direction and see how the candidate responds.

You can share it with the team. If you have a hiring committee, you can share the Google Ads mockup with all the members to weigh in on the candidate’s viability based on merit.

Ensure campaign compliance

Need a simple and clear view of your campaigns so your regulatory/med legal team can review?

Use PPC Ad Editorโ€™s executive view to only show what is important: The ad copy and the keywords. Easily export your campaign to PDF in a couple of clicks. Forget about setting the right margins in excel.

For pharmaceutical industries, we built in different display URLs you would find only in the Google Ads UI, like โ€œPrescription Treatment Website.โ€ As a added bonus, you have the option of using place holders as ad extensions to show the team how they are displayed alongside an ad.

Winning New Clients

Stand out from the competition. Mockup ads and give a small taste of what you can offer. Differentiate your agency from others by creating a quick PPC campaign with proposed ad copies and keywords. Show them your SKAG strategy and your tightly themed ad groups -all without a Google ads account.

Present Your Paid Search Strategy

Not only can you showcase your PPC campaign, PPC Ad Editor allows you to add your creative brief so your client can better understand your strategy, target audience, priorities of communications, budgets and more.