Mock Up Ads Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)

Dynamically insert keywords from your keyword list into your responsive search ads with DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion)

Unlock the power of Dynamic Keyword Insertion with PPC Ad Editor and take your Google Ads to the next level!

PPC Ad Editor makes it easy for you to customize your ads so you can reach the right person at the right time with the exact message they need. Utilize the keyword phrase generator to effortlessly swap out high-intent generator keywords or keyword phrases in your ad copy based on a user’s exact search query, so you’re showing them an ad that is tailored just for them.

This helps you get better returns on your investment and find more buyers who are further down the sales funnel. Leverage the insights from keyword research to refine your targeting, using a keyword research tool or even the google keyword planner to identify high-search volume and relevant keyword ideas.

And best of all, setting up DKI doesn’t have to be hard – PPC ad Editor, combined with a comprehensive keyword creation tool and keyword list generator, makes it fast and easy! Get started today and unlock the benefits of dynamic keyword insertion in Google Ads!

How to Preview DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) Ads with PPC Ad Editor

  1. Create an ad group and write your ad copy as you normally would.

  2. Insert the special {Keyword:Default Keyword} code wherever you’d like your “default” keyword phrase to appear in the ad text.

  3. Set a “default keyword” for this ad group in Google Ads. This is the keyword phrase that will be inserted if someone searches using any other keywords than what is explicitly listed in your ad group

  4. Once you save your changes, all of the ads within this particular ad group will be eligible for DKI.