How it works

How Our Google Ads Preview Tool Works

Add your campaign, ad groups, ads and keywords

Four ways to get started:

Import fom a Google Ad Editor CSV file

Download from Google Ads

Import fom a Google Ad Editor CSV file

Create a preview of your campaigns in an easy-to-read format

Invite your client to review your campaign build via:


Shareable URL

PDF Download

Using our commenting feature, you are able to collaborate in a more efficient way.
All of these are handled in an online interface built into the Google Ads creator – no Excel files needed.

Edit your ads, keywords and ad extensions on the spot

Client changes are a breeze while you build the perfect ad with PPC Ad Editorโ€™s creator platform for Google Ads.

PPC Ad Editor tracks the comments, so you know you have the latest revisions on the ad mock-up.

Also, with version control, you can go back to a previous draft easily if necessary.

With PPC Ad Editorโ€™s online interface and PPC tools, getting the clientโ€™s sign off is simpler than ever.

Export a Google Ads Editor friendly CSV

Once you have final approval from the client on the campaign, you can export a CSV file for Google Ads Editor.

Import directly into Google Ads Editor from PCADE using our export tool.