Mock Up & Preview Your PPC Ads Effortlessly

Getting ads approved by your client is time consuming. PPC Ad Editor accelerates this process so you can launch your campaigns faster.

Streamline Your Creation, Collaboration,
and Compliance Workflows

PPC Ad Editor’s intelligent workflows make it easy to create ads—starting either with your existing spreadsheets or in the tool itself. When your ads and campaigns are ready, use frictionless audit and versioning features to smooth review and compliance. Then upload to Google Ads Editor with a click.

Here's How PPC Ad Editor Helps You

Achieve Your Campaign Objectives

Our clients love us

Great product for Google Ads pros"
Five Star Rating

Overall: PCADE has been a huge benefit to our agency by allowing us to rapidly gain ad approval for our clients by sharing a simple link with them. The mock-ups help new advertisers envision what their ads will look like in the wild. We love the ability to download our ad extensions so our clients can see a fully mocked-up ad--something Excel just can't do easily.

Pros: I (and my clients) really like being able to preview text ads without having to send them over in Excel sheets. It helps newer advertisers understand how text ads will look on the SERP along with ad extensions.

"Where has this tool been?"

Five Star Rating

Overall: I use this to present clients their campaigns that I've built so that they can sign off on everything prior to launch. I'll walk the client through each campaign via screen share during a video meeting. I used to use Google Ads and then spreadsheets to review, which made it difficult to implement more than a few changes the client might have had. Using this tool for campaign approval has been the best of both methods I've used previously. Not only does it provide a professional Google Ads-like appearance—which is especially valuable for a new client still forming an opinion of your services—but it's efficient and prevents frustration at this important time early on in the relationship.

"We used to do A LOT of ad editing in spreadsheets. We would try to do everything possible to make it simple and clear, but it was always difficult. "

Five Star Rating

Overall: So glad to have that problem solved now. This ad preview tool makes our workflows so much easier and gives much better visualisations of what ads will actually look like. It's great!

"Enabling greater Google Ads transparency with clients"

Five Star Rating

Overall: PPC Ad Editor has added value to our service by providing a clearer view of our Google Ads accounts to our clients. The transparency and ease of use have been truly appreciated by clients who wish to have more hands on their campaigns. The Project tool has helped clients offer some comments and make suggested changes, within the allowed Google Ads rules and guidelines (number of characters, descriptions allowed), to the campaigns without taking away control from our agency as the final decision remains ours.

"Perfect onboarding tool for PPC Agencies"

Five Star Rating

Pros: The simple and easy to use dashboard with the option to share accounts structure with my clients without sending spreadsheets back and forth.

Everything You Need to Create PPC Campaigns

Everything you need to create PPC Campaigns for your brand or Agency Is only 7 key features which will deliver you new clicks and customers, and open a door. You need to create PPC Campaigns for your brand or Agency.

Your Best Choice for Compliance and Audit

Need to follow advertising guidelines from Google, the FTC, FDA, SEC, or other standards like COPPA or HIPAA? PPC Ad Editors host of review and collaboration features will make you wonder how you ever worked without it.


Features like search-and-replace, tracked changes, PDF export, and unlimited reviewers make it easy to collaborate on compliant ads.


Easily control project versioning
to reduce errors.


Directly upload ads and campaigns or
export to CSV.


Review and comment on all facets of ads
and campaigns.


Unlimited dashboards provide all your clients with a simple way to collaborate on their PPC campaigns.

Create and Collaborate on PPC Ads Better, Easier, And Faster

With Intelligent Workflows… Then Easily Present Campaigns for Approvals
or Compliance Review.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

When reviewing ad copy for approval or compliance—and make all changes in real-time inside PPC Ad Editor

Invite reviewers & collaborators

Сomment in PPC Ad Editor or export “as-they’ll-run” previews to PDF (paid version). Approvals and compliance just got a whole lot easier.

Gain confidence around edits

Gain confidence around edits and build an audit trail with upcoming features like search-and-replace and tracked changes.

After sign-off

After sign-off, eliminate transcription errors by uploading approved ads directly to Google Ads using the platform’s integration capabilities.

Create, Review, and Launch Unlimited PPC Campaigns in Five Easy Steps:

  1. Add Your Campaign, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords
  2. Create a Preview of Your Campaign
  3. Export for Approval or Compliance Review, or Directly Invite Reviewers and Commenters
  4. Edit Your Ads, Keywords, and Ad Extensions On The Spot
  5. Upload Directly to Google Ads or Export a Google Ads Editor-Friendly CSV

Improve your PPC Campaigns by Streamlining
Your PPC Workflow - with PPC Ad Editor

No matter whether your team is large or small – or you’re working on one campaign or dozens… Everithing from creation to compliance review is better, easier, and faster with PPC Ad Editor