Free Google Data Studio Templates
  • July 1, 2021
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Free Google Data Studio Templates

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Google Data Studio is a powerful platform that allows you to visualize and analyze data from various sources, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Console, and Facebook Ads.

The platform offers various templates that can be used to create reports with ease. A Google Ads report template, for instance, is designed to help you quickly create reports that showcase your advertising performance on Google Ads.

This template provides a comprehensive overview of your campaign performance, including clicks, impressions, cost, and conversion rate.

Another popular template is the Supermetrics Data Studio Analytics template, which provides a simple way to connect and visualize your Google Analytics data in Data Studio. This template makes it easy to build custom reports that provide insights into your website traffic, user behavior, and conversion data.

Additionally, the Facebook Ads Data Studio template provides a convenient way to view and analyze your Facebook Ads performance data in one place. This template provides a detailed overview of your campaign performance, including ad spend, impressions, and clicks.

There are also many other Google Data Studio templates available, including a Google Ads Data Studio template, a Google Data Studio sample report, and even a free Google Ads report template.

These templates provide a starting point for creating your own reports, allowing you to quickly customize and tailor them to your specific needs. The Google Data Studio platform also integrates with Google Search Console, allowing you to view and analyze your search engine performance data in one place. Overall, Google Data Studio templates provide a fast and convenient way to visualize and analyze data from multiple sources, making it easy to gain insights and make informed decisions.

Having a lot of data is excellent. Using it is even better. Google Data Studio allows you to access and assess the information you have and, with the help of interactive dashboards that make reporting more straightforward to communicate, use it to make decisions for your PPC Campaigns. 

You get a lot of data with digital marketing. Sometimes it is almost too much to know where to start or how to communicate it. However, it is essential to show that what you are doing is working, so you need to report your results.

Before Google Data Studio, you had to download the Google Analytics Data, put it into Excel spreadsheets, and create your charts and graphs. Now the tool does it for you. 

Google’s Data Studio allows you to:

  • Access data from a variety of sources with built-in and partner connections. 
  • Transform your data into reports, charts, and dashboards using web-based tools for data visualizations.
  • Communicate what you learned with others and collaborate in real-time, and even embed it on your website. 

So, Why Use Google Data Studio? The simple answer here is because, well, reporting. Even better, as Search Engine Land describes it, Google Data Studio takes the raw data and puts it into easy-to-understand reporting through visualization

There are a lot of great things about Google Data Studio. Per the Search Engine Journal, you can connect to any data source, even those outside of Google, although that might require a third-party connector. Also, you get real-time data integration. In addition, Google Data Studio is fully customizable, so you can change how you report depending on what you need to communicate and to whom. 

Perhaps most importantly, Google Data Studio is free. 

How Do You Use It?

Templates are where you start with Google Data Studio. There is a multitude of options here, which can be overwhelming. The Search Engine Journal advises choosing the template based on the data you need to report, ranging from SEO, PPC and paid social campaigns results. Then, customize the report afterward as necessary for clients. 

Once you have the template, you choose a data source from the toolbar. This point is where you can add in data from outside Google if you need also. 

Then, you choose your metrics. This point is where you also customize according to the campaign goals. 

Once Google Data Studio does its thing, you can share reports with clients, your boss, even your mom (if she’s interested). Anyone that has the link can view it, although that can also be customized. However, as the Search Engine Journal points out, there are some limitations you can add, like not allowing editors to change access or add new people to the share. You can also disable downloading, printing, and copying for the people who view the report if you want.

Please click here to read the full article on how to use Google Data Studio from The Search Engine Journal.

What Are Google Data Studio Templates?

One of the great things about Google Data Studio’s reporting is that many templates streamline the report creation process. These ready-made guides take your data and present it for you in reports or dashboards. Of course, there are some you can pay for, but you might be surprised to learn how many free ones are available for you. 

Hevo Data, a self-described No-code Data pipeline, breaks down the types of Google Data Studio Templates into five categories:

  1. Paid Channel Comparison Templates: Shows which platform performs best for any given campaign
  2. Paid Social Reporting Templates: Demonstrate ad performance on a specific digital marketing platform, e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  3. Organic Social Media Performance Reporting Templates: Illustrates the organic performance of social media accounts
  4. SEO Reporting Templates: Compares the performance of a domain against competitors for various metrics
  5. Content and Email Marketing Templates: Tracks the performance of content and email campaigns for several marketing metrics

To read Hevo Data’s full breakdown, as well as how to use a template, please click here.

Some Sources for Free Google Data Studio Templates

As we mentioned, there are many free Google Data Studio templates. So many that a lot of digital marketing experts have curated their favorites. Here are a few links for these aggregate lists, which demonstrate what they do and why the expert liked them best:

The Best Data Studio Templates of 2021 (updated July) from Chris Hamlin at Data Studio Templates

We put this one first because Hamlin updated it the most recently, from what we can tell. He also included templates from all kinds of reporting areas, including some great “all-rounders” that have a lot of helpful functionality. 

10 Best Free Google Data Studio Templates for 2021 from Brian Bui, Director of Marketing at Directive

Bui gives a great mix of reporting templates and his favorite features of them. He also adds tips for each template so you don’t miss out on any useful functionality.

Google Data Studio marketing dashboard template from Supermetrics

We like that they included images so you can see the data visualizations from each of their selections. We also like how they denote the data sources used for each visualization.

The 11 Best Google Data Studio templates in 2021—Free and Premium by Mark at Data Studio Guru

We like how this list is dynamic, as Mark will add to it as he finds a template he likes. Also, he organizes by category, so you can choose to search his picks by what you need to report. However, he includes premium versions (aka, $$), so if you don’t have the budget for such things, look but don’t touch those examples. 

50+ Data Studio Templates from Sheets for Marketers

Like Mark over at Data Studio Guru, this link takes you to Data Studio templates organized by the type of visualizations they show. We like that there are ten categories to choose from, including Content Marketing, Rank Tracking, and Agency, among others. Scroll below the categories to see some other templates they liked with images to show what you can do with them. 




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