Google Responsive Ads Generator Preview Tool

Google Responsive Ads Generator Preview Tool

Google Responsive Search Ad Generator Tool

We’ve been through all this before. You pitch your client to try out Google Ad’s newer responsive search ad format. Your client agrees on your recommendation and then they ask you to show them what it looks like.

Like us, you probably have some sort of excel template that outlines all of the different headlines and descriptions you can have. Or, you start building the ads in Google and just do a screengrab.

Both ways are problematic because it doesn’t show the client any ad variations of what your responsive search ad could look like.

With our free Google Ads responsive search ad generator tool, you can preview up to 10 ad variations, along with all the headlines and descriptions to your client.

Using our free Google Ads mockup tool is pretty simple.

Step 1. Add up to 10 Headlines

Add Headline to Google Responsive Search Ad

Step 2. Add up to 10 Descriptions

Add description to Google Responsive Ads Generator

Step 3. Add ad extensions  (Optional)

Step 4. Choose 1 or Show All Variants

Once you are done with adding your headlines, descriptions and ad extensions, you have the option of previewing up to 10 ad variations. Click “show all variants” and up to 10 ads will display.

Step 5. Click “Save as Image” to download your ads

There you have it! Use our free tool to send your client a sample of what their Google Responsive search ad could look like with all the headlines, descriptions and ad extensions.

Please note this preview shows potential ads assembled using your assets. Not all combinations are shown, and some shortening may also occur in some formats.

Try our new Google responsive ad generator tool here

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