How To Build a Google Gallery Ad with Real Examples

How To Build a Google Gallery Ad with Real Examples

Are you excited about Google’s new Gallery Ad format? If you said yes, we are too!

Here is an example of a Google Gallery Ad:

Google’s New Gallery are only displayed on mobile devices for advertisers that have their ad ranked in the #1 position.

Users are able to scroll through the images and captions for each image.

Google’s new Gallery Ad format has not rolled out to everyone yet as of the time this blog is being written. However, one of our accounts has this feature enabled so we are going to walk you through on How to create a Google Gallery Ad

Step. 1

To make sure you have this new featured available on your account, go to the ads dashboard and click on the “+” symbol to create a new ad. You should now see Gallery Ad

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Step 2.

You should now see this new Gallery Ad builder. Everything here is pretty self explanatory.ย 

When you start to fill out the fields, the image on the left will start to dynamically population the information so you can see what the Gallery ad looks like in real time.

Similar to a expanded text ad, Google recommends 3 headlines with a 30 character limit on each

Next, you can add up to 8 images, each with their own captions. Each caption can have up to 70 characters of text. Finally, each image can also have a disclaimer.


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Step 4.

Once you have entered in your fields, you can see a nice preview of your Gallery Ad.

Unfortunately, Google does not allow you to scroll through all of the images.

Finally, hit save and the your ad will be reviewed just like any other ad.


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