How to Create Effective Callouts Extensions
  • August 3, 2021
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How to Create Effective Callouts Extensions

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Callout extensions can do great things for your PPC Campaign by highlighting details of the offer for potential customers. However, if you don’t use them right, you won’t reap the full benefits. Today, we take a closer look at why extensions are important, what callout extensions are, and how you can create effective callout extensions that enhance the results of your PPC campaign management.  

Why Use Callout Extensions?

Extensions are a great addition to any search ad campaign. Google says that extensions can boost your click-through rate (CTR) by several percentage points for your PPC campaigns. The more information you make available, the more visible your ads are on Google. More content also improves your prominence on the search results page. Per KlientBoost, a digital marketing agency, different ad extensions can help your content stand out from the competition.

Google recommends using all the extensions possible that are relevant to the goals of the PPC campaign. Extensions come in many formats, including call buttons, locations, website links, more information, and others. Callout extensions are one of these, and they can do a lot for the campaign. 

What are Callout Extensions?

Callout extensions are an extra line of ad copy that display below the description lines on Google Ads. Callouts are an excellent way to draw attention to specific parts of your offer for potential customers. KlientBoost calls them “extra snippets of information” added at the account, campaign, or ad group level. Think of them as the “But wait, there’s more” part that you see on infomercials or late-night TV ads. From free shipping to bonus offers to double rewards points to extra fries, there are several things you can communicate to potential customers using callout extensions. Moreover, these “extra snippets” might be what makes you stand out from the competition.

Per KlientBoost, there are several benefits of using callout extensions, including:

  • They add information but aren’t clickable (like site link extensions), so adding callout extensions won’t increase your spend unexpectedly.
  • They enhance the ad copy with additional information without taking up character count in the ad copy. 
  • They are numerous; Google allows you to show as many as six callout extensions to each ad. 
  • They drive better-qualified traffic to the site.

There is another essential benefit of callout extensions, also. KO Marketing, a marketing agency for B2B online marketing, adds that Callouts “Look Better in the Eyes of Google” for an ad’s quality score, which is how well your ad compares to others. That means if your PPC campaign’s ad has the same quality score as another competitive ad, Google looks to the ad extension performance before ranking the ads to see which one to put up first. In other words, callout extensions could make a difference in your ad position.

7 Ways to Create Effective Callouts for Your PPC Campaigns

With so much riding on these vital parts of your PPC ad, it’s essential to make them as effective as possible. Generally, the concept of callout extensions is pretty simple. You can use them to include more details about the offer for the PPC Campaign. However, you can do a few things to ensure that your callouts are as effective as possible. 

  1. Be as specific as possible. Highlighting a particular feature and focusing on it helps potential customers decide whether your website is the one they wanted to see.
  2. Keep it bulleted. A shorter copy allows potential visitors to see more callouts within the ad. Think of the ad copy as bullet points rather than a complete sentence, i.e., use Earn double rewards points! Instead of We are offering double rewards points.
  3. Use simple words. Having straightforward language contributes to two things: a lower character count and better ad readability. Remember, most internet users will not take the time to look up a word they see in a Google ad. The last thing you want to do is drive a potential web viewer away with fancy language, so don’t waste your time busting out those SAT words here. 
  4. Employ the short version of words and phrases. When in doubt, shorter is better. For example, use instead of utilize, or many instead of a lot of. 
  5. Stay under the character limit. Individual callouts have a character limit of 25, including spaces. Remaining under this character limit ensures it will post. Also, shorter callout extensions could allow more callouts to present within your ad.
  6. Use the proper format. Callouts highlight a specific feature of your offer, so stick to that idea with these helpful tools.
  7. Customize the schedule. Google makes it possible to schedule when a callout can be displayed, from time of day to start and end dates. This feature makes it possible to have a callout extension about happy hour specials or one-time coupon codes or holiday offers, and other time-sensitive offers for potential customers display at just the right time. 

Here is the bonus: Google will give you a report on callouts’ performance, per KOMarketing. The information includes clicks, CTR, and conversions. These reports make it possible for you to try different callout extensions to see what works best and optimize them for future campaigns.

While the first thing you think of in a Google Ads campaign is not necessarily the callout extensions under your description, these practical and strategic tools can be a vital enhancement for any PPC campaign. So, don’t forget about them and make sure you use them to their full potential. The callout extensions you choose for the Google ad campaign make it easy for potential customers to find the pages they want and need with the fewest clicks possible—and keep clicking right into a conversion. 


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