How and Why You Should Raise your Quality Score in Google Ads
  • August 20, 2021
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How and Why You Should Raise your Quality Score in Google Ads

Your Google Adword quality score can be described as Google’s rating of your PPC ads. The quality score focuses on your ads’ quality and relevance with emphasis on your keywords and ad relevance. Since your quality score vastly influences the cost and effectiveness of paid search campaigns, you would need to properly scrutinize these features. 

In summary of the above paragraph, your quality score is somewhat similar to your credit score, which affects your loan eligibility, worthiness, and the level of the interest rate that you would return. So, Google Quality Score does affect your PPC ads performance and the amount paid per click. So! What exactly is Google’s Quality Score? 

What is Quality Score?

As mentioned earlier, Google’s Quality Score is Google’s rating of your content/Keyword/ad relevance and quality. It is used by Google to determine your cost per click and can be multiplied by your maximum bid to determine how your ad is ranked in the auctioning process. Your Google Quality Score depends on five major factors including:

All these factors except the click-through rate are properly accessed by Google’s Quality Score algorithm. Hence, it is the most important component; and when more people click your ad after seeing and reading about it, it shows google that your ad is really relevant and important to viewers/audience. In summary, Google will reward you with higher ad rankings and lower clocks when this is noticed. 

How To Raise Your Quality Score In Google Ads

Raising your quality score on Google Adwords is much easier than it seems. As you already know, increasing your Quality Score will increase your pay per click profits and your rankings during advertisement. Aside from that, it is also an indication that your advert or website is in top performance, assuring clients that you can, and you will deliver.  It can also save you time and money, especially when you use effective keywords. 

So! If you want all of that, here’s how you can increase your Google Quality Score. Please ensure that you focus on these tips and implement them as they are stated here.



Know Your Factors

Knowing your factors involves knowing the prerequisites and criteria for increasing your quality scores in Google Ads. Understanding the factors affecting your credit score will certainly help to improve how you approach raising your keywords and their optimizations. Hence, it is very important that you know all the factors, and properly implement them. 

Work towards each factor to ensure an increase in Google quality scores; by working towards these factors, you will know what you should look out for. You will also know what to change or disregard; once you have recorded what you need, you can then begin making changes concerning your quality scores.

Specifically Target Your Ad Groups

Your ads should be specific with a certain target or group of targets who you believe are your potential customers/clients. Designing your ad groups into more targeted campaigns will help to increase the importance of ad search and the actual ad. When you start setting up your campaign, try using various ad groups, while ensuring that you are using relevant keywords. 

Grouping ads with similar keywords will only result in the irrelevance of your ads to users. Using and grouping similar keywords will only make your ads and products harder to locate by your potential customers and clients. Note that each group of ads should have its own set of relevant keywords. 

Ensuring the above step is the only method of effectively targeting the ad groups that you are interested in. try using logical and relevant keywords that your ads group might be seeking; you can use and other keyword generating tools to ensure that your quality scores are improved. 

Refine your Ad Texts

Refining your ad text involves testing PPC ad copies that are targeted at your individual audience groups. Presenting more effective ads will get a higher chance of getting clicked, and is the best for your ads. It also involves ensuring that advertisement content matches the needs of your target; while ensuring that you go straight to the point when explaining. 

When you write high quality ads, you will increase your quality score, and improve your customer inflow. Your customers, irrespective of the presented product or service, want to get the best out of your service or goods whenever they patronise you through your ads. Hence refining your ad text will reassure them that you are capable of meeting their demands. 

Create a Proper Landing Page

Your landing page is just like your front-yard; you don’t leave it unkept or littered. You clean your lawn surrounding it, and even decorate it, irrespective of festivities or occasions. Since your landing page is the first page that your clients will see when they visit your page, why not make them want to visit again? 

You can perform the above mentioned by making your landing page easy to access, adding keywords to the texts located on your landing page, improving the structure, and finally reducing the colorfulness. Use something both mature and informative, as it tends to draw your visitors attention. 

Use Negative Keywords

Try researching and adding negative keywords; negative keywords are keywords that you insert in your ad groups to prevent your ads from displaying. Negative keywords can be somewhat beneficial, as they help to limit your ad to the specified target groups; hence avoiding those that aren’t interested in your ads. 

Why You Should Raise Your Google Quality Score

Now that you know how to raise your Google Quality Score, it’s about time you know why you’re raising it. In this section, we will use bullet points to explain why you should raise your Google Quality Score.

  • It improves the traffic you get from your ads. 
  • Improving your quality score shows your clients that you are able and willing to serve them. 
  • Enhancing PPC ads will show Google that your business is legit and geared at sustainable human living. 
  • It saves the cost of running ads. 
  • Improving your quality score is the right thing to do. 


Improving your quality score is very important if you hope for your business to thrive with digital marketing. You are now well informed about the factors that affect your quality score, and how it can be increased. Hence, you can now use Google Ads without fear of getting low turnouts or response on your ads. You can now enjoy your ads, with little cost of running them, and time consumption. 

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