Learn how to sell your Google Ads Campaign as NFTs

Learn how to sell your Google Ads Campaign as NFTs

The blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is changing the way we do business. One of the most recent examples of this is NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) on opensea.com. Marketing agencies and freelancers can now mint ppcadeditor.com’s previews as NFTs, a new revolutionary way for digital marketers to prove their expertise.

Here is a list of some of the user cases and benefits to each.

You get to participate in the NFT space!

Minting NFT’s is a great way to get your feet wet in the blockchain space.

If you’re having trouble deciding which preview to mint as an NFT, start by using previous work you’ve done in the past. You could even use our download sync feature. As long as there is a story or strategy behind it, there is intrinsic value.

It’s going to help digital marketers win new clients easier than ever before by showcasing previews and the strategy behind them.

Our opensea.com collection is located here.

and you can view our very first Paid Search campaign we launched on Google Ads as a company here.

You can build a collection of ppcadeditor.com previews as NFT’s and put them up for sale to generate passive income.

If you’re the first one in, then you’ll have a head start over other agencies who have not done NFT minting yet and thus do not have an extensive collection of preview NFT’s. Once it catches on, this could change how businesses approach their digital strategy as the NFT’s offer a way to easily view their previews as a portfolio.

When a buyer clicks your preview NFT you also get to promote your agency’s paid search expertise

This is a great way to get in front of potential buyers and show them the work you’ve done as an NFT. You can share the NFT link that contains the clickable preview. It is a visual way to present your work, purchasable, it’s a way for the buyer to contact you for other services, the buyer can resell the same NFT and you can get royalties from that sales AND minting is not expensive.

Buyers might even want to hire your Agency on contract, which means NFT’s for agencies is a new way of prospecting!

-NFT minting allows agencies to showcase their previews as portfolio pieces

-It helps with lead generation by easily giving potential buyers access to clickable previews

-Agency contracts could be negotiated as a result of having a preview NFT as a reference

-Purchasers can resell NFT’s for a profit, generating passive income for the agency owner

-Minting NFT’s is cheap.  This allows agencies to mint NFT’s of every single preview they’ve done or will create

-Minting NFT’s is also an easy way to get involved in the blockchain space with very little risk

-If you mint a lot of previews it becomes an NFT portfolio gallery for you to share and get new leads.

In a few months from the date of this article, your NFT previews will include a “PCADE Profile” which is a public agency profile that includes your cumulative Google ad spend publicly, that validates your credibility as an expert in paid search.

This is an amazing feature that only ppcadeditor.com offers. Each preview will contain a “PCADE Profile” and it's something that digital marketing agencies should get in on early! Editors now have the option to link a preview with their Google MCC accounts and show their cumulative ad spend with their PCADE profile. Ad spend is the only metric that can establish credibility, experience, and reputation which can be used to secure future business and validate your agency's expertise. The PCADE profile is a revolutionary new feature that will have earth-shattering benefits to the underdog marketer. People who have been silently managing massive budgets from home can now compete with bigger agencies by sharing their “PCADE profile”. Cumulative ad spend is the only metric that cannot be manipulated. Clicks can be manipulated by bots, conversions can be faked, but no client wants to ever just waste money on ads that don't perform.

When a preview NFT is purchased it unlocks a downloadable CSV file you can use to import into Google Ads Editor to use as a template.

The NFTs has the preview as a clickable link, it’s purchased and downloaded by buyers who can use them to create their own ppcadeditor.com previews or just see how easy they are!  This offers an opportunity for agencies to showcase their expertise in paid search without having to repeat a sales pitch.

Most importantly, the PPC Ad Editor team offers free support on how to list your previews as NFT’s on opensea.com on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain.

This is an amazing opportunity to get started in the nft space and start minting your own previews as nfts! The PPC Ad Editor team is excited to help you get started!

-Minting nfts is easy and free with support from the PPC Ad Editor team

-NFT previews are a great way for agencies to establish themselves as leaders in the blockchain space!

There is no other platform offering this unique service! Join our Discord or Telegram channels and discover how you can be a part of something big.

The PPC Ad Editor team is planning on giving away a limited number of free subscriptions to the Agency plan for users who regularly mint previews as NFT’s.  Join our discord or telegram to inquire.

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