Top Google PPC Software Management Tools
  • June 26, 2020
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Top Google PPC Software Management Tools

How well are your pay per click ads converting?

Do you know their click-through rate? Or how effective those ads perform? Maybe you need help optimizing the headlines or your landing pages?

PPC Ad Editor is here to help with a list of Google PPC software management tools that will improve your conversions.

We look at the best PPC software on the web with topics like writing the best article content to making an eye-catching image ad.

Read on to discover all the PPC apps you need to make your adverts a success!

1. Optimized Landing Pages

Companies can increase their conversions by 55% by adding and optimizing more landing pages.

To help build and monitor a landing page, offers a 14-day free trial of their template software.

With its easy drag-and-drop interface, Unbounce helps you create multiple pages. It integrates with WordPress so it’s simple to plug into your existing WP site.

Unbounce has x100 existing templates to choose from. Each is designed to retain visitors and lead them to your call-to-action. You can even add custom code to include analytics data. offers several landing page creation tools that easily embed into your site.

Select from x200+ templates, duplicate pages with a single click, and group elements together. There’s also a free selection of templates available with their 14-day trial.

2. Ad Article Headlines

Need inspiration when writing your ad headlines? lets you browse 5 billion existing articles. You’ll identify the top formats and keywords used for your own ads. See what works and what doesn’t with year’s worth of statistical data.

BuzzSumo also covers Facebook pages if you use PPC on social media. You can spot trends and tap into their success, choosing the best time to post. looks like a quirky search engine.

Once you get past the creepy guy, the results provide a visual means of analyzing what people ask online. Those results let you craft the best ad headlines and descriptions based on solid evidence.

The service is free and you can download the results in spreadsheet and image formats.

3. Create Image Ads

Don’t use Microsoft Paint to create your image ads!

There are plenty of free tools that make it easy to craft great looking graphics like They have a section dedicated to web ad templates for different business types.

Just edit the text to match your keywords and business name and download the JPEG.

You can choose different sizes like leaderboard and wide skyscraper. Facebook ads are also available as are lots of offline options e.g. brochures.

But if you really want to bring your adverts to life try

GIFs act as animated sales tools and really catch the eye. With Giphy, you can upload a video or slideshow and it will produce the .gif file.

But be warned!

Not everyone likes animated GIFs. And the file sizes can be enormous.

4. Google Ads Performance Google AdWords tool checks your ads’ performance in under a minute.

You’ll receive a free report that grades your performance based on:

All you need is to enter your email address. The report will generate quickly and you’ll see just how well your advertising budget fares.

5. PPC Competitors

These two competitor analysis PPC apps let you identify who’s advertising against your site: AdBeat and iSpionage.

With, you get to drill down by country and device to view your competition. It provides data from four different ad networks and offers competitive monitoring.

Their free account gives you unlimited views and lets you save your favorite ads. provides access to 7-years’ worth of information from Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

It covers PPC and SEO data including 92 million keywords and 108 million ad variations. You’re able to match your ads against your competitors in a visual way. And you can see how much your completion spends every month.

6. Preview Google Gallery Ads

PPC Ad Editor provides some great PPC tools of our own that you can use for free!

Our Google gallery ads generator lets you create and preview eight variations of your adverts.

Enter your headlines, choose your images, and we do the rest. We even let you download the gallery ads so you can share them with clients and co-workers.

Create full gallery ads within seconds. Then instantly see what they’ll look like in Google’s network.

7. Preview Responsive Search Ads

Along with our gallery ads generator, we also offer a responsive search ads generator tool.

This free app helps you to create and view up to ten RSA advert variations. All you need is to add your headlines, description content, site links, and call-outs.

Everything’s 100% accurate and you can save and share the results for free too!

8. Keywords Explorer

PPC research tools focus on the fundamental issue of keywords. Choosing the right search keywords for your ads is essential and that’s where AHrefs come in. keywords explorer offers thousands of keyword suggestions using 10 search engines. Everything’s kept up to date for accurate CTR effectiveness.

It supports 171 countries and provides a keyword difficulty score. That metric measures how hard it will be for your keywords to rank based on current pages.

You pay $7 for the 7-day trial but that might be worth it for some inspiration.

9. PPC Traffic Analysis

Google Analytics ties directly with Google Ads to show exactly how many conversions you make.

This tool links into your existing pages using a small piece of code or WordPress plugin. It measures everything from traffic channels to session frequency.

You’re able to compare results from different time periods and see how well you retain visitors. And it’s free!

10. Quality Checker

Do you want a straight-talking feedback app that gives detailed results on how well your ads perform? calls a winner awesome and a loser a loser!

Their quality checker tool helps you identify what’s working and what’s losing you money. Every ad gets a score that you can track as you edit the advert.

TenScores’ quality score incorporates factors like ad relevance and expected CTR. You’ll soon discover how much you’re wasting by campaign, ad groups, and keywords.

Manage PPC Tools Like a Boss

You’ve discovered some of the best PPC tools on the Internet but what about previewing and managing your campaigns?

PPC Ad Editor tools help you streamline your business or clients pay per click campaigns from one location.

Our Google Ad preview app means you get feedback instantly. Faster approval means campaigns begin without delay. And that leads to faster and better results.

Why not contact us to discuss your requirements. You can take advantage of our free trial and schedule a demo to view all the great features.

Manage the best PPC management tools like a boss with PPC Ad Editor.

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