Your Ultimate Guide to Succeeding with Google Ads Editor

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    Getting Started with Google Ads Editor


    The first step is downloading a copy of Google Ads Editor to your Mac or PC. Once you sign in, you’ll see key features displayed on the toolbar across the top row. This includes adding new accounts to your ad campaigns, observing recent changes, and tracking statistics. Your campaigns are displayed to the left of the screen, set together by ad groups that you can expand and collapse by clicking the arrows next to them. If you select something from this tree view, it will display that field in detail in the center of the screen.

    Your editing panel is on the right side of the screen. This is one of the key features of the program, as it has robust bulk-editing functions that you can use to make changes to many documents at once. The toolbar, tree view, and editing panel are the fundamental features to understand when managing your ad campaigns.

    Key Features

    A basic grasp of Google Ads Editor will boost your productivity on its own, but tricks and advanced features are the secrets you can use to taking your marketing to the next level.

    Bulk Replacements

    Changes in your business situation can require you to make sweeping changes to ads. If a schedule change requires you to change a time or date, you can use the text replacement tool found under the “Edit” option to change a word or phrase across as many documents as needed with the click of a button.

    Work Offline

    Maybe you travel frequently, or you’d like to leave your office and work in the park for a change. This Google ad campaign editor allows you to work on downloaded files while offline, and uploading your changes is simple once you have internet again.

    Advanced Search

    Searching for a specific ad that needs to be changed can be like hunting for a needle in a haystack. By using the Advanced Search function, you can narrow down your search along many criteria and find what you’re looking for in no time.

    Bulksheet Import


    Simply use the click on the “Make multiple changes” button and copy and paste your data. Next, you want to make sure you map your fields correctly so that the data is imported to the right category.

    📥Download our Bulksheet template here to get started

    Search Results

    Web results

    💡 PROTIP: Use the bulksheet template to build out your campaigns faster and import the file directly into PPC Ad Editor.


    Steps in importing a template file.

    1. Log in to PPC Ad Editor account as an Editor.
    2. Select the Ads account where the template or the actual ad builds file has to be imported to.
    3. Click on the “Import” button at the upper right corner of the PPC Ads Editor page. It will bring you to the PCADE card menu.
    4. Select “Import from Ads Editor”.
    5. Click on “Choose File” and then select the .xls, .xlsx or .csv file to be imported to PCADE.
    6. Click on the “Import” button.

    Improve your Pay Per Click Marketing

    If you’re looking to boost your productivity and the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, there’s no replacement for tools like Google Ads Editor and Pay Per Click Ad Editor.

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