Advanced Search Summit Napa 2020 Preview: 7 Sessions You Can’t Miss

Advanced Search Summit Napa 2020 Preview: 7 Sessions You Can’t Miss

The Advanced Search Summit is coming up April 22-14, 2020, in Napa. Advanced Search Summit is an annual conference that pride itself on providing a first-class experience for attendees in an intimate setting to learn from innovators and thought-leaders in the industry. And, this one is only for the 21 and older set (Read: Lots of wine proximity).


We are super excited about all the SEO and SEM tactics coming out of this one (and not going to lie, that wine proximity isn’t unfortunate either). The show is for SEO and SEM professionals, digital marketers, analysts, marketing executives, social marketers, digital agencies, large brands, and more. 


They are adding speakers every day with lots of relevant content. So far, we found seven Reasons You Can’t-Miss it this year in Napa:


  1. The opening keynote is from Jim Boykin at Internet Marketing Ninjas. The show kicks off with notable speaker Jim Boykin. Right now, the topic isn’t listed, but we can tell you he spoke at SMX West about how Link Building has changed. And we all know that links are essential for Google rankings. He also did a joint presentation about Link ANlysis & SERP Marketing with Ann Smarty there. So chances are links will be involved. Moreover, when @jimboykin talks, SEO professionals listen. 


  1. Two words, Snacks and Facts. When you pair that with the wine proximity, you have a winner on your hands. 


  1. Online Retail Domination in 2020. Two expert Corporate SEO types are sharing their secrets on how to dominate online shopping experiences by connecting online and offline worlds. With presenters like Jacqueline Urick, Director SEM/SEO, and UX at Sears and Tessa Nadik, SEO Manager for Dick’s Sporting Goods sharing their critical takeaways, you are sure to walk away with some great ideas for your clients. 


  1. Networking Wine Mixer. When in Rome…or should we say, when in Napa….


  1. Local Ads: Resistance is Futile. On day two, Greg Sterling, VP of Marketing Insights at Uberall, shares data and case studies about Google’s local ad formats. From which ones are performing to how these ads compare with traditional Google Ads, this session is bound to yield some useful insight for you. 


  1. More Snacks & Facts. More is more, after all. 


  1. Proving ROI – A SEO’s Journey to Getting $#!+ Done. Despite the salty language title, we think this content will have some sweet effects on your budgets. The fact is, your clients aren’t in business for charity; they want to make more money—and that’s why they hired you. If you can’t prove what you do is working, why should you hang on to your budgets? Jim Christian, CEO of BLUSH Digital, will share step-by-step instructions to help you prove you are worth every dime. 


And the Bonus?


There’s a Masquerade Ball…in a “castle” inspired by a 13th Century Tuscan castle. The content at the show is excellent, of course, but we are all about the big dinner event on day two at Castello Di Amorosa. Yes, that means you get to dress up. And no, you don’t need to pack your naughty nurse or gorilla suit. You dress up in fancy clothes and wear a mask, like grown-ups. From a 500-year-old fireplace to a drawbridge and a dungeon, you can explore the castle before you sit down to a 4-course dinner by a Napa Valley chef. However, it would be best if you packed a jacket (or your fancy velvet cape) because it gets cold at the castle. 



Of course, there is over a month to go, and they are still adding speakers. Who knows what other crucial content they will provide?


Want to go? Great! We love that they have a “Helpful Letter” you can email to your boss. 



It says to copy and paste this letter into an email. But, just in case you didn’t read it yet, be sure to put in a few of the bracketed areas information. To see the whole agenda, click here.

Plus, they are offering 25% off until they sell out. Click here for the details.

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