4 More Tools to Manage Your PPC Budget Automatically

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    Due to the popularity of the first article, we decided to include more tools to help with managing your PPC budget. If you didn’t read it yet, click here first, then come back.

    No one wants to tell a client that they have overspent their PPC budget. No one wants to babysit the PPC campaigns target budget vs. actual spend all day every day either. What everyone wants is to manage the PPC budget automatically and effectively. Lucky for all of us, tools exist to manage PPC budgets automatically, and we have identified five that we think can work for you. 

    4 More Tools to Manage Your PPC Budget Automatically

    • Google Ads Overdelivery Alert ScriptThis script lets you know as soon as Google makes a Daily Budget change that can cause an overdelivery and exceed your anticipated budget for the PPC campaign. It compares your anticipated ad spend with the actual ad spend, and if it sees a significant variance, it will email you. It can work for daily, weekly, and monthly anticipated budgets. Also, if you use labels, per Nils Rooijmans, who wrote the script and who runs a fully remote PPC agency, the alert can only trigger on specific campaigns if you want. Rooijman’s even includes the instructions on how to install it if you need help.

    • Acquisio Turing:Acquisio Turing is a technology stack that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to manage PPC budgets, including bid and budget management and budget distribution. Self-learning algorithms use campaign data—like ad platform, day of the week, delivery device, time of the day, location, and seasonality, among others—to make bid and budget decisions for you. Moreover, these occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hub Spot suggests that the tool helps marketers that have a lot of balls in the air, campaign-wise, and cannot monitor bids and budgets all the time. Also, Hub Spot thinks it could save you time on tasks related to research and number crunching. 

    • Optmyzr: This PPC Management Software has many features, including budget optimization. The Spend Projection tool provides insights on your budget cycle using historical data and seasonality, combined with recent performance. If you set up Budget Alerts, it will notify you if anything unusual is happening there. The Budget Pacing tool in the Optmyzr dashboard shows your current budget cycle spending. It can also help with allocation using their Optimize Budgets tool, with the Budget Simulator feature, which tells you how much potential spend a campaign has and if it will experience a decrease in traffic soon. Also, you can prebuild strategies in the Rule Engine that automatically reallocate the budget from unprofitable queries to profitable ones. Plus, automated tools can stop overspending by pausing those over budget and adjusting budgets to meet the target spend. Perhaps best of all, it can manage all the budget in an entire account. John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility, a digital marketing agency, reviewed Optimyzr and said overall it will “almost certainly” save you time and money. 

    There you have it, four more tools that can manage the PPC Campaign budget automatically. All of them can help you manage your PPC campaigns efficiently and effectively. Many of them have free trials, so you can ensure the tool has the functionality you want. Perhaps most importantly, none of them should lead to you having a potentially account-relationship ending conversation with your client about how you accidentally overspent their PPC budget. And who doesn’t want that?



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