How to Use

The Google Account Download Sync Feature

Link Your Google Account

to PPC Ad Editor Platform

Once you have established your PPC Ad Editor account, link your Google account to it.

Once your Google Account is linked, the AdWords accounts associated with it will appear in a Popup.

Choose the Client’s AdWords account from which you want to download the campaign.

Choose active campaign to download.

To find the active campaigns for the client’s Adwords account, click the Google tab in the upper right of the screen and choose Download.

The current active campaigns will appear in a pop-up window that allows you to choose which campaigns you want.


After selecting the campaign(s), hit Download underneath the list in the pop up window and the campaigns will load into the system for you to work with them.

Build (and launch) campaigns FASTER!

Start with either with your existing spreadsheets or in the tool itself, and can get work done quickly.