How to Use

Invite Users/Review Projects Feature

Invite a Reviewer by email address directly from the preview screen

As an Editor in PPC Ad Editor, you can send an email invitation to collaborators so they can review a campaign.

Reviewer receives notification of their invitation in their inbox.

In the email, reviewers will click the “Download” button and the campaigns they were invited to review will load into their PPC Ad Editor account.

The project list populates for the Reviewers invitations to help them stay...

Reviewers can view and comment on all their projects, which are listed together on the Projects page.

The project preview screen allows them to view the ad, making it easier to visualize the changes.

When the reviewer wants to see changes the Editor published, they click on the project in the list and view the ad.

Reviewer can make comments on the preview for the Editor to incorporate.

The comments notifications appear in the upper right-hand corner of the ad preview.