Check Out PPC Ad Editor's Features

Google account download sync

You can download your already active Google Ad campaigns from any linked account directly into PPC AD Editor, which saves you the time and hassle of recreating them in our platform.

PDF export of project preview screen

PPC Ad editor allows you to make a PDF of your project preview screen with one click.

Review ads with decision makers

PPC Ad Editor allows you to send an email invitation to those you would collaborate with so they can review a campaign with a click of a button.

Toggle ad extensions on and off

With just one click in PPC Ad Editor, you can turn ad extensions on and off a campaign, which is great for certain client industries (e.g., pharmaceutical) that don’t allow them.

Team collaboration

You can change project status right in the preview screen so everyone understands where it stands—no matter where they are standing at the time.

Inline editing

When you click on the pencil icon, you activate a pop-up window that allows you to make changes to a campaign right from the preview screen, and PPC Ad Editor keeps track of which user made what changes and when.

Responsive ads preview sharing

You can see your changes in the preview as soon as you hit save, making edits easier to visualize for all the members of the team.

Team commenting
for projects

When working in groups, all the suggestions for the campaign edits appear on the right hand of the screen to help everyone communicate and stay organized.

User notification system

Collaborators are notified when new projects are published via email so everyone is aware of what is happening with the campaign as you proceed with the project.