Google Responsive Display Ad Mockup Generator Tool

The Google Display Network is a powerful yet often overlooked advertising channel for many advertisers. With the variety of ad formats available, you can easily reach more customers, which is why we’re excited to introduce our new Responsive Display Ads Generator!

This interactive tool allows you to quickly and easily create responsive ads that are eligible for all sizes of Google’s display network with just a few clicks.

A Google Display Network ad is a type of advertisement that appears on websites, apps, and other properties across the web. It may be in text form or as an image or video. The ads show when someone searches for something related to your business, clicks on another company’s website from yours, or visits one of our partner sites that has ads. The ad appears on the site, and may also appear in other places across the web like YouTube videos or Gmail messages.

Simply upload the images that you want to use, enter multiple headlines and descriptions to be used in your ads. Click “generate” and voila! You’ve got an interactive mock-up that looks great on any screen size or orientation.

You can even share the mockups with anyone by clicking “Save & Next.”

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Alert: If you close this window, your session will expire and you’ll lose all your work, make sure you save your work by clicking “Save and Next”

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