Top Keyword Wrapper Tools

Top Keyword Wrapper Tools

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Keywords play a significant role in digital marketing and can make a substantial difference in the number of visitors to your site. However, dealing with keywords can also be a pain. Luckily, the days of modifying your keywords manually are over with the introduction of keyword wrappers.

What Are Keyword Wrappers?

Keyword wrappers are excellent tools for anyone launching a Google Ads campaign. For those of you who aren’t familiar, a keyword wrapper helps you combine and “wrap” keywords for your PPC campaign, which means the tool provides the correct match type for Google AdWords.

Keyword wrappers save you a lot of time. Also, using them is simple. First, you enter your keywords into the tool. Then the tool produces “wrap” keywords you should use to modify your initial keywords for a digital ad campaign.

Per SEM Rush, there are five basic keyword matches:

  1. Broad Match: These matches give you maximum reach, but minimum relevance.
  2. Modified Broad Match: While this newest types of match have slightly lower reach than Broad Match, Modified Broad Match (aka, Broad Modified Match) produce greater relevance.  
  3. Phrase Match: The medium reach type that produce, you guessed it, medium relevance. 
  4. Exact Match: While these match types have minimum reach, they have maximum relevance.
  5. Negative Match: These match types are used to increase the relevance of the website visitors.

Essentially, if you were to enter the keywords “PPC Ad Editor” and “Digital Marketing.”     The output would look something like this:

In addition, most keyword wrappers will filter out capital letters and numbers from your keywords if you would prefer it to be that way.

However, not all keyword wrappers are created equally. Many tools are either difficult to use or do not work effectively. To help you avoid using one of these faulty sites we have compiled a list of the best keyword wrappers available now, in no particular order:

Search Engines Marketer Keyword Wrapper

The Search Engines Marketer Keyword Wrapper by SEOM Interactive is a keyword wrapper that we like because of its easy-to-use interface and pleasing aesthetic. We liked it so much that we used it as the example image shown earlier in the article. It’s straightforward, simple, and overall, one of our top picks for keyword wrappers.

SEOBooks’ PPC Ad Keyword Wrapper Tool

SEOBook’s tool was one of our favorite keyword wrappers that we have tried due to its versatility. Many of the keyword wrappers could not automatically remove URLs from wrapped keywords, but this one does. Don’t let the more archaic design of the website fool you because this is a well-functioning tool that you should consider.

Keyword Wrapper and Permutation Tool

The Keyword Wrapper and Permutation Tool has a unique application as a Google Chrome extension. This feature allows you to use the keyword wrapper on any website without having to switch tabs. Its only downside is that it’s challenging to use. However, once you learn how to use it, the convenience of not having to open a new tab outweighs the mild inconvenience of using the tool. You can download the app on the Google Web Store here. is arguably the best out there because of its ability to wrap negative keywords. None of the other keyword wrappers on this list have this feature. Making this wrapper even more remarkable is that it is (as far as we can tell) the first keyword wrapping tool put on the internet. Effective at what it does, this one is our top pick.

While often overlooked in a Google or Bing Ad campaign, wrapping your keywords is vital to the success of your PPC Campaign. Using an effective keyword wrapper tool can make the difference between a highly targeted and focused campaign that earns you accolades and many wasted dollars, earning you an angry phone call from the client.


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