SEMrush Marketing Show: The Headlines and Highlights from the December Conference

SEMrush Marketing Show: The Headlines and Highlights from the December Conference

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SEMrush Marketing Conference was in Bangalore, India, last week. As the self-described “biggest and the most awaited International Digital Marketing Conference,” the show had lots of great information for all of us in the digital marketing field. From providing up-to-date information about all things marketing, sharing best practices from the big brands to offering practical tactics for online ads and analytics, there is a lot to consider when choosing highlights and headlines.


Here are a few programs that we knew you would want to know more about:


Applying Agile Marketing to SEO: Improving efficiency and ROI


Luis Rodriguez, SEO, and Digital Marketing Expert is the SEO and Web Lead ALTAM for Uber and Uber Eats. He took the SEO Stage to share insights gained from Uber’s SEO team.


Rodriguez’s talk covered how to implement three Agile Marketing principles to SEO, using SCRUMBAN, an evolution of Scrum that applies Kanban principles, in SEO to improve efficiency, and what the best practices were for SEO tests with Agile mentality.


To see more from Rodriquez and implementation of SEO in a Webinar hosted by SEMrush earlier this year, please click here.


Audiences, Ads, and AI: Top Tips for Future-Proofing Your PPC


Purna Virji, a former journalist and currently Senior Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft, had a popular session on customizing ads and audience targeting. She suggests that personalization is the way to overcome ad resistance prevalent today.


People have many ways they skip your ads. They install software to block it, they DVR shows to avoid commercials, they purposefully ignore banner on their favorite sites, a term Virji calls “banner blindness.” However, people didn’t use to want to skip the commercials in the old days of TV. Virji liked jingles and slogans from her childhood, and so did everyone she knew. Virji says that with the right balance of relevancy, you can win back your audience for your intelligent and engaging ads.


Virji also cautions firms to go easy with personalization. By that, she means when you are too “on-target,” you can be creepy. Microsoft uses techniques that strike a balance between engaging and entertaining and crossing the lines of privacy concerns.


To read some more of Virji’s insights on targeting ads for the holidays, please click here.


Marketing in 2020: Why businesses should kill the funnel and focus on the FLYWHEEL


Shahid Nizami, Managing Director, APAC HubSpot calls for sales and marketing teams everywhere to abandon the outdated sales or marketing funnel models they have used for years. Nizami says the model has begun to fail in today’s competitive environment, replaced by word-of-mouth marketing and customer-referrals to drive business.


Nizami calls out the funnel’s failure to its major flaw: that customers are the result rather than the driving force of the business. Instead, he recommends a focus on a Flywheel-Approach.


Flywheels are wheels that known for their energy efficiency. They store energy based on how fast they spin, friction encountered, and how big or small it is. So, when you use the Flywheel approach for marketing, you need to turn as fast as you can, eliminate friction and get as big as possible. Moreover, a flywheel uses the energy of others, your happy customers telling their friends, family, and site visitors, to help you grow.

To get a better idea of the concept of the flywheel for marketing, please click here to read the full HubSpot article.

Key to Scale: How to build your own business from scratch


Vargab Bakshi, Head of Partnerships for Shopify India, says that while multitudes of digital marketing experts could start their own business, they can’t always break away from their freelancing or day-jobs to do it. His twenty-minute presentation was popular among attendees for the practical tactics Bakshi shared to help more people who wanted to leap but weren’t sure where to aim to land.


In addition to sharing best practices about making a successful entrepreneurial journey, he shared three areas every digital marketer should undertake:


  1. Widen your expertise: versatility goes a long way to earning success in the changing field of digital marketing.
  2. Use care when estimating prices: getting business that loses you money is a short trip to going-out-of-business, so estimate wisely.
  3. Discover new revenue models: the one thing you can count on in digital marketing is change; be sure you can roll with it when it’s time.


To watch Bakshi in an interview with SEMrush earlier this year, please click here.

As we said, there was a lot to choose from as helpful and relevant content from the SEMrush Conference in India. These were just a few sessions presented by the 25 guest experts.

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