Stuff we are working on

August 2019


Added timings on ad extensions

Display phone number on call extensions

Made structured snippets available

Set account level ad extensions

Project Management

Included inline editing within project preview screen

Enhanced project status (approved, request updates, uploaded) display on preview screen

Allowed for anonymous reviewer requests

Provided team access

Opened team commenting for projects feature


Improved import template for bulk sheet upload

Downloaded active Google campaigns sync

New Features

Added responsive ads type

Included duplicate campaign objects

Installed user notification system

Version Control

Dashboard Change History

September 2019

Invite Users to Review

Send invittions via e-mail to clients and collaborators to review a campaign with a click a button

Invite comes to the users inbox and with one click they can review

Suggestions appear as comments for editor to make changes

PDF Export & Google Download

Active campaigns download from Google Ads accounts that are linked

Allows users to download already active Google Ads campaigns and edit to share with clients

Enabled Inline Editing

Click on the pencil icon to activate pop-up

Change the campaign info as needed

Changes will appear on campaign to show edit made by user

Project Comments

Collaborators suggestions appear on left hand side of screen and enable email notifications for new comments

Allows for creative teams and clients to work in different locations and time zones

Toggle Switch for Site Links

One-click turns site links display on or off

Designed for industries that do not allow site links, call outs and ad extensions to appear

August 2020

Under Development NOW

Edit 2.0

  • In-app bulksheet editor – allows for spreadsheet style data input with instant preview
  • Visual builder – drag and drop style build out of Google Ad campaigns

General URL for Agency White label - Complete

Change history timeline view

Mobile - commenting, and preview

Custom Logo upload for your company - for agency and business plans

Anonymous Share URL for users that want to see preview but don't want to register- Complete


Affiliate marketing - Completed

Agency/client marketplace - we would group agencies into industries and track perfomance

  • Brands can contact Agencies that use PCADE to get a quote for marketing services.

Facebook Integration

Deploy Facebook Ads using PCADE's Asset bank, text blocks that are automatically generated by your previously used Google Ads Headlines and Descriptions