PPC Ad Editor now supports Meta Single Video, Video Story Ads, and LinkedIn Single Video Ads!
  • July 26, 2023
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PPC Ad Editor now supports Meta Single Video, Video Story Ads, and LinkedIn Single Video Ads!

The digital marketing landscape is continually evolving, and so are the tools that support it. To keep pace with this dynamic industry and provide our users with the best possible experience, we are thrilled to announce a significant update to PPC Ad Editor. We have expanded our support to include Meta Single Video Ads, Meta Video Story Ads, and LinkedIn Single Video Ads!

Let’s break down these new additions:

Meta (Facebook) Single Video Ads

These are powerful tools that allow businesses to share their messages in a compelling, engaging format. With this update, PPC Ad Editor users can now mock up and visualize their Meta Single Video Ads within our platform. This feature supports various video formats, providing a realistic preview of how your ad will look and perform.

Meta (Facebook) Video Story Ads:

This feature allows you to create immersive, full-screen vertical ads that appear between stories on Meta platforms. These ads offer a seamless viewing experience for your audience, making them an effective tool for user engagement. Our new update lets you design, mock up, and preview these story ads in real-time, ensuring they fit perfectly within the story format.

LinkedIn Single Video Ads:

LinkedIn is a vital platform for B2B businesses, and our new update makes it easier than ever to create compelling video ads for this platform. With our LinkedIn Single Video Ad feature, you can visualize and edit your LinkedIn video ads, making sure they’re just right before they go live.

With these new features, PPC Ad Editor continues to serve as a comprehensive solution for all your PPC ad creation needs, extending its functionality beyond Google Ads.

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