PPC Ad Editor is Securing Funding for Next Phase of Roll-Out

PPC Ad Editor is Securing Funding for Next Phase of Roll-Out

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It’s an exciting time for us and for your investment portfolio. PPC Ad Editor is currently securing additional financing on Wefunder.com. In other words, now that you know who we are and what we do, you have an opportunity to invest in the first, all-in-one PPC Ad Collaboration tool you know and love.

When we started this back in 2009, there was a lack of tools to make the PPC Ad collaboration process easier and more efficient. It wasn’t hard to see that the online ad collaboration process between clients and ad agencies was broken. The tool that would help move the industry forward didn’t exist, so we built one. 

Over the years, our platform changed and grew. As you know, PPC Ad Editor launched a beta version in 2019. We signed up over 100 users, like you, for our beta test, with hundreds of potential users queuing up for early access. Early in 2021, we launched a new user interface for the platform based on your feedback. It is already producing substantial growth for us, including dozens of power users and an advertising agency on an annual contract.

We wanted to share this opportunity with the people who made it possible for us to get this far. Without your feedback, PPC Ad Editor wouldn’t be the tool it is today. If you want to have even more ownership in it or ever smacked your forehead and went, “Why didn’t I think of that?” about our platform, then we wanted you to know you had a chance (and spare your forehead any additional smacks).

For some of you, this opportunity might be coming at the wrong time or isn’t where you like to invest, and we understand that. For others, this could be a chance you have been waiting for to get in on the front-end of an innovative platform that will lead to better collaboration and streamlined creative and approval processes for digital marketers and their clients on the back-end.

So, Why Do We Want More Funding?

We will use the new round of funding to support monthly operating expenses and marketing efforts for the next phase of the platform’s new user interface rollout. These marketing efforts would include social media influencers as well as our PPC ads for our website. 

We are excited by our initial efforts, which we did with little to no budget. Now, we want to build upon that with a more robust marketing rollout.

Why Should You Invest?

But that is what’s in it for us. You are probably wondering what is in it for you? Here are few reasons you should invest.

We have a bright future. 

PPC Ad Editor has had great success so far with users, and investing in our company is an excellent way to be a part of our future success. But don’t take our word for it. We have a site set up on Wefunder.com that has all the details, including an overview of the company, inherent investment risks, and what people say about the company. For only \$100 minimum investment, you can invest in a company poised to take advantage of the move to digital marketing in the business world.  

We have a dynamic leadership team. 

PPC Ad Editor has a leadership team with different experiences in PPC marketing, technology, and business. We believe in our product and the pain points it solves. Moreover, all of our expertise makes it easy for us to see how the platform should work from a subscriber’s perspective.

  • Chief Executive Officer Charles Sayasith, BS, MBA, has more than two decades of experience consulting businesses across multiple industries. 
  • Alain Somphone has 20+ yrs of design experience in various industries and startups including energy tech, e-commerce, gaming and media. He is a product designer at heart, focusing on users and improving the quality of interaction and meaningful engagement.
  • Chief Marketing and Product Officer Albert Somlith has 15 years in the digital marketing arena with PPC/SEO, social media, and mobile experience. 

The PPC market is booming. 

PPC Advertising experienced growth during COVID the past year. We see that it will continue to grow in the post-COVID world, too.

Our platform disrupts the painful and inefficient legacy ad campaign collaboration process. 

The industry hasn’t changed for over 20 years and continues to use manual legacy tools. We want to improve the process with innovative technologies. PPC Ad Editor is a niche SaaS Platform that targets advertising agencies, small and large businesses participating in the ad creation, pre-launch, and approval process for PPC Campaigns. 

We are a company built to react to the changing market. 

While the platform is optimized with a new user interface based on feedback from beta-users, the plans are to continue to tweak and improve the platform as it develops more subscribers. We have built a SaaS platform that interfaces with Google Ads. However, as a part of our product roadmap, we have plans to interface with many other major PPC players in the market.

But, perhaps most importantly…

It’s a great time to invest in our company. 

We are optimistic about what the future holds for our investors and us.

So, what do you say? Would you like to invest in a company that is poised to take digital marketing collaboration to the next level? Click here to visit the Wefunder.com page to learn more or invest today. 

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