PPC Ad Editor: Incredibly Easy and Intuitive

PPC Ad Editor: Incredibly Easy and Intuitive

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Nice words feel good to hear. However, as great as it can be, we usually keep them to ourselves.


That said, we thought we should share the details of a recent review we received from Richard K., Digital Marketing Manager at Snapshot Interactive, a digital agency that has been using PPC Ad Editor for around six months.


Sure, they gave us 10 out of 10 for Likelihood to Recommend. And they gave us 5 stars for Overall Quality, Ease of Use, Customer Support, Features/Functionality, and Value for Money. However, the title “Paid Search Previews Made Easy” was what really felt gratifying.



We built PPC Ad Editor for digital agencies like Snapshot Interactive who had to share everything via screenshots (their words, not ours). PPC Ad Editor meant to make a difficult, challenging process more effective and efficient than the old way of doing things. Richard explains it better in his words.


“I’ve presented paid search campaigns to clients in every way imaginable. PDF’s, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, unreliable custom built preview tools, the list goes on. Each preview method was a time suck in its own way and usually caused more confusion among clients than anything,” he writes.


We talk about this type of thing a lot in our marketing copy. Our whole website is a different version of this message. But it’s one thing for us to tell you; it’s another for one of our clients to say it.


Turns out, we weren’t perfect either. Richard says he was having problems getting permissions updated to add some additional dashboards to his account. However, our support team met the challenge. Richard describes it as prompt and says that support fixed it for him.


We chose to share Snapshot Interactive’s review because it shows that we can fix the process for your team and clients. It also shows that if you have a problem, we will fix it for you. But perhaps most importantly, it shows that we have a better way for you to get the approvals you need for your client’s campaign. And that feels good.


Maybe you have a similar situation. Perhaps you have felt this pain in the client approval process that requires patience, persistence, and then some more patience. If so, then, you probably wished you had a better way to get through this part of the campaign. Richard did, so he tried our product.


“Since signing up for PPC Ads Editor (sic), I’m spending significantly less time getting copy approved and clients know exactly what they’re looking at. It pulls in Ad Extensions, Expanded Text, and Responsive Ads straight from your ad account,” Richard writes. “Incredibly easy and intuitive. It’s insane that Google hasn’t figured out what the PPC Ads Editor Team has. 5 stars.”


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


What can we help you fix in the client approval process for PPC Campaigns today?




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