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    How Custom Plans can Help You Excel with Pharmaceutical Clients


    If you’ve worked with clients in the pharmaceutical space then you that it’s a competitive space for PPC campaigns. You’re also likely aware of how many different rules and regulations govern the industry. Sometimes it can feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. For every successful PPC campaign there’s another competitor stepping into your space or another regulation on web marketing being added.

    Because of the dynamic, ever-shifting nature of pharmaceutical PPC, it’s critical that whatever assistance you receive is flexible. Basic plans from support agencies and by-the-numbers web tools simply won’t deliver the highly specific performance you need to excel in this space. You need something that can adjust to your needs without hassle, you need a PPC enterprise plan.

    Enterprise plans, like the one offered here at PPC Ad Editor, provide you with more flexibility and a wider range of options than even an agency level plan. They’re the perfect solution for dealing with large clients that have unique situations that demand the utmost care and precision, and it’s because an enterprise plan is what you need it to be, not a prescriptive set of services.

    In this article, we’ll take you through some of the benefits of a PPC enterprise plan, and specifically touch on the reasons this plan is excellent for pharmaceutical PPC. You’ll learn about all of these things and more as we explore the following topics:

    Increased Flexibility

    When you do PPC work for pharmaceutical clients you need to make sure you remain agile. Most plans that you’ll get from a PPC service aren’t going to have enough inherent flexibility to keep up with the ever-shifting demands of the industry. An enterprise plan overcomes this issue by adding several unique services, plus the option to utilize only what you need for your particular situation.

    Take for instance our enterprise plan. With options like unlimited client dashboards and all the agency features at your fingertips, you can treat individual projects like wholly separate clients, giving you an increased level of control over each project. These client dashboards also provide you with additional ways to bring your clients into the fold when it comes time to edit and review any ads that you have ready to go out.

    What really makes these features so helpful is how they can be mixed and matched to meet your needs. By choosing the correct project setup for your pharmaceutical client, you can ensure a smoother, more effective workflow for both you and your clients.

    White Glove Service Assistance

    Doing pharmaceutical PPC requires the utmost focus, and sometimes that means you won’t have as much time to convert over templates to a finalized form. Our enterprise service removes this obstacle by providing you with white glove assistance that can get your templates to the right place. This service can also help when you get caught doing several last minute changes that leave you with several versions of ads that need to take the next step.

    Do you already have an existing excel template that you use to mock up pharmaceutical PPC ads and keywords for approval? Send the file to us and we can help you with converting that file to be used with our platform so you can send your clients the preview share URL to them ASAP.

    Once the your ad copies and keywords are in the platform, you can leverage our best features like real-time edits and commenting to accelerate the approval process.

    We’ve added custom features specific to Pharmaceutical Google Ad accounts like being able to edit the Display URL to “Prescription Treatment Website.


    Custom Output for Regulatory Approval

    While the other services that you receive from an enterprise service are undoubtedly helpful for any client, custom output for regulatory approval is one of the most useful features when it comes to pharmaceutical PPC.

    With this service we’ll provide you with a customized output based on the template of your agency in order to ensure compliance with the regulatory needs of your customers. When you’re dealing with a pharmaceutical client, you know that approval is one of the biggest hurdles you’ll face. Our custom output allows you to avoid that issue entirely while retaining the primary benefits of our PPC ad generators and templates.

    PPC Ad Editor can also auto generate your entire campaign into a PDF with a single click. This should help with regulatory submission into Veeva Vault or any other platform your clients are using.

    Bonus: With our enterprise package, we can customize the output of the PDF to look just like your file that you currently submit for regulatory approval. Cool right?


    Explore the Benefits of Our Enterprise Plan Today

    If you’re working with a pharmaceutical client as part of an ongoing PPC campaign, PPC Ad Editor is here to help. Our wide range of enterprise-level services can help turn the toughest client jobs into a simple process, enabling you to better satisfy clients and save time, allowing you to add even more clients.

    To explore the various benefits that our enterprise level service brings, simply contact us to discuss your unique situation and the needs of your clients. Once we’ve had an initial discussion, we’ll move forward to create the perfect suite of offerings to meet your needs.

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