Pharmaceutical Campaign Launch Checklist: What You Need When Launching a Pharmaceutical PPC Campaign
  • May 18, 2021
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Pharmaceutical Campaign Launch Checklist: What You Need When Launching a Pharmaceutical PPC Campaign


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Launching a PPC campaign for a pharmaceutical company has a lot of moving parts—and it’s essential to keep track of them. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a checklist that would help you keep all your moving parts moving in the right direction? 

Checklists are helpful tools when you are managing a campaign launch. They provide a framework for evaluating what is vital to think about and remind you what you need from other people to move forward. Think of it as a coordination tool that helps everyone stay on task and in synch. Perhaps most importantly, using a checklist that delivers a successful launch communicates that you are organized and on top of the details to your pharmaceutical client, who determines what PPC professionals will be launching the next pharmaceutical PPC campaign.

Speaking of clients, they have a lot of pressure on them right now. There is ever-increasing competition in a crowded marketplace, inspired by actions in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to drive down prices for pharmaceutical products and accelerate the innovation for drug therapies. On the client-side, your pharmaceutical contacts often juggle cross-functional launch teams’ demands for many more products than before, all with a shorter time-to-market nipping at their heels. Your client is also being asked to be more agile, sales-oriented, and mindful of regulatory concerns—probably while sharing the WIFI with their spouse and other family members in a makeshift home office. 

In other words, your client could use your help handling these details on their behalf. To that end, here is what you need when launching a PPC campaign for this type of client: a Pharmaceutical Checklist. 

So…What Should be on a Pharmaceutical Checklist?

The elements of a Pharmaceutical Campaign Launch Checklist are somewhat intuitive. First, you want your headings for the checklist. Start with launch Tasks, a specific Description of the action involved in the Tasks, and a place for one or more reviewers to check a box. Also, you probably want a place for notes from the reviewer(s). 


Next you want to break down the campaign by the stages of development and launch under the Task heading. Start with Campaign Build tasks, move into Upload tasks, and then finally, the Manager and Live Check tasks.



Then you get specific about the Task activity in the Descriptions column. One of the best ways to come up with these descriptions is to go through the workflow of your previous launches. In that history, you will also see critical milestones that help a campaign move forward. You might also see areas that tend to be neglected, creating emergencies at the end of the process.


For example, items in the Description column could include things like getting the display URL’s site turned on, Campaign Build activities like checking that the naming conventions are correct and the ad groups are in the correct campaigns. Then, the checklist should have Upload tasks that include specific actions like getting keywords and ads in the correct ad groups and brand sitelinks in the brand campaigns.



These tasks are followed by Manager Checks that everything is ready and the way the client wants it, and Live Checks after the campaign launches to make sure it matches the prep doc.



Then, of course, there is the checklist area for the reviewers to note the completion of the Task.



In addition to the Pharmaceutical PPC Campaign Launch checklist, there are checklists for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly tasks for campaigns when they are running. Like the launch checklist, these checklists are designed to help you stay organized and ready to manage a PPC campaign at any given moment, which most clients are pretty keen to see. PPC Hero published a PPC Task Checklist for Account Success that is a great place to start if you want to create these checklists for yourself.  

Checklists help everyone stay on task and in synch. With so much pressure on your pharmaceutical clients in their everyday tasks, they need to know that you have everything handled on their PPC Campaign Launch. Breaking down your Pharmaceutical PPC Campaign Launch into Tasks with specific Descriptions that will keep everyone up to date will show your client that when it comes to their PPC campaign management, you are up to the job—both this one and the next.




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