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    Internet Marketers can benefit from a tool that shows them how their ad looks without searching for it in search engines.

    Some tools allow you to work efficiently and faster. Here is how. These tools will enable you to create a mockup of your ads before starting a campaign. You have more time to develop the creative part before giving the final results to your client.

    Here are the best PPC Ad Preview Tools:


    Read on to find out more about PPC ad preview tools.

    PPC Ad Editor

    We are not trying to toot our own horn, but we go beyond the basics. Our PPC Ad Editor is more than a preview tool. It minimizes the work involved to create PPC ads. With PPC Ad Editor, you can work smarter because the tool creates the entire PPC workflow. It allows you to streamline the whole process, such as build, review, approval, commenting, feedback, and launch of the campaign.

    This ad editor includes collaboration features such as team editing, commenting, tracking changes, PDF export, and version history. You also can upload your campaigns directly to Google Ads, which will save time. PPC Ad editor shows you which ads and extensions are showing up for your keywords.

    If you are launching a campaign for a client, then you will need approval. This tool allows you to build the campaign and get input from your client. You can show the interface to your client, and it will enable him to make changes. After your client approves, you can hit upload to load the campaign to Google Ads. PPC Ad Editor stands above the competition because of being a comprehensive ad preview tool.



    AdParlor is a builder and creates mockups of ad units across many social media platforms. For example, it has mockup templates to use for advertising on Instagram and Facebook. You can download the mockups and see what they look like in different formats.

    These mockups can also be used in pitch meetings with your clients. This ad preview tool allows you to see what your ad will look like on social media websites before creating the campaign. It also allows you to upload an image to use with any ad type. AdParlor has a scalable feature that adjusts the ad to fit your design.

    AdParlor includes features for analytics, content management and customer target.

    You can also customize your PPC ad campaign with images, social media reactions and logos.  However, you cannot upload the ad to the social media website using this tool. You will have to upload the ad to run the ads manually.


    Karooya is an expanded text ad preview tool, and it has a mockup generator to create search ads. Expanded text ads are larger and have more space for advertisement. They look clearer on desktop computers and smart devices, which can improve click-through rates. This tool allows you to create an ad concept with ease, and it can be exported to a spreadsheet.

    Karooya allows you to share the URL of your ads with clients. It also is a useful tool for finding negative keywords. This ad preview tool also helps you stay organized and within search engines’ limits when writing ads.

     Andrew Marketing Ad Preview Tool

    The Andrew Marketing Ad Preview Tool is an ad builder that uses three different variations with multiple extensions. It has built-in ad extensions that are used in Google AdWords, and it follows the same format. The tool allows you to see what your ad would look like on search engine result pages. It produces a visual mockup that you can share with clients.

    This mockup shows your work, character limitations, and the available ad extensions. Your client can review it and make changes to the ads. You can also use the ad preview tool on smartphones. Andrew Marketing Ad Preview Tool is excellent for doing a quick ad mockup and for writing copy for Google AdWords to share with clients.


    NordicClick is an ad builder that can be used to create mockup ads for Google AdWords. You can show the mockup ads to clients and use the tool to train your team members. This ad keyword tool is excellent for beginners. It has basic features, and it allows you to work on your copywriting skills. NordicClick is free to use and does not require you to sign up for an account.


    Blast is an expanded text ad preview tool. It helps you to create Google AdWords campaigns. You can also use it to get a visual of extended ad headlines. This ad preview tool has character limits and layouts for AdWords. It works by writing the information into the ad generator to see a preview of the ad. Blast Ad Preview Tool also allows you to upload the ad to Google’s AdWords Editor.

    How to Use PPC Ad Preview Tools

    Most PPC Google Ads Preview Tools are easy to use, but some have more steps than others. Let’s take a look at PPC Ad Editor to see how easy it functions. If you need help, then you can even request a demo. It only takes five steps:

    1. Add your keywords, campaign, ads, and AdWords to the PPC Ad Editor’s campaign builder: It generates a preview of your campaign.
    2. Create a preview of your campaign and collaborate with a client using the commenting feature.
    3. Share the campaign with clients to get fast approval: You create a link and send it to the person.
    4. Edit your keywords, ad extensions, and ad within the tool: You can make the client changes immediately after getting feedback.
    5. Launch your campaign. It takes a single click of a button to upload and publish your campaign to Google Ads.
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