Creating a Preview

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A Preview is a collection of campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ad extensions you want to get share with a reviewer (client, stakeholder, etc.)

To create a preview, follow these steps:

Navigate to the All Previews Page and click on +New Preview

Next, a window with 4 ways to import data to create your preview.


Choose from one of the four options:

Import from File – Select this option if you already built your campaigns using our bulk sheet template or Google Ads Editor.

Download Sync – Select this option if you want to link to your Google Ads account and download existing campaigns (only search campaigns with expanded text ads, responsive search ads, and call-only ads supported)

Use Demo Data – Select this option if you want to use one of our pre-built template previews 

Start From Scratch –Select this option if you want a clean slate and want to start fresh

Once you have imported data, a preview will be generated:


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