Instagram Ad Mockup Generator
  • November 3, 2021
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Instagram Ad Mockup Generator

What is an Instagram ad mockup generator and why should you use it

High performing Agencies also have high client retention rates

A lot of our users are successful Agencies with high client retention rates. The reason for their success? They make sure to deliver the best results for every brand they work on, which means getting involved from start and making your agency’s input heard loud & clear in all phases: planning stages through delivery!

One way this can happen is by using PPC Ad Editor – a premium tool that allows you to create ad mockups for Instagram without having to create an ad account or take screenshots. Build a powerful and effective mockup and easily get feedback for your clients using our shareable link.

Disadvantages of the Facebook creative hub

First disadvantage

The Facebook Creative Hub is a free tool that Facebook offers to create Instagram mockups, however, it has some disadvantages. In order to share your prototype designs, you need an account. It’s an extra step for your client, they have to create an account if they don’t already have one and they have to log in to see what you drafted. This can seem inconvenient for decision-makers who have a very tight schedule and will sometimes blame you for not making things easy for them. PPC Ad Editor has a feature where you can share your mockups with just a link. Less work for your clients but with the same results means happier clients.

Facebook Creative Hub Gap


Second Disadvantage

The second disadvantage of the Facebook Creative Hub is that you are not able to make comments or have your client edit designs in real-time. This means you’ll need to take the conversation outside of the Facebook creative hub and into an email or chat, which leaves gaps where ideas can get lost and momentum on the launching process with clients slows down considerably!

PPC Ad Editor has some features that Facebook Creative Hub does not

PPC Ad Editor simplifies, improves, and speeds up this process so you can create mockups, share, and get comments to continually improve your ad design so your end result is a professional Ad that contains the creative talent of your agency and the expertise of your client’s knowledge of the brand.

How to create mockups for professional-looking Instagram ads in minutes.

PPC Ad Editor provides a platform to help agencies and clients create mockups for Instagram Ads in minutes. The app has been designed so you can quickly edit your mockup, share it with others for feedback on what needs fixing or improving, then keep iterating until finally presenting that perfect ad from start to finish!


PPC Ad Editor will help you create professional-looking ads by bringing together the creativity and expertise of your agency with the client’s knowledge of the brand.

A step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect ad that will get results

Here is a step-by-step guide that weโ€™ve compiled based on how our users use PPC Ad Editor to mock up ads on social networks like Instagram ads and Facebook Ads.

How to use PPC Ad Editor to create High Performing Ads

Step 1

Mockup the ads on PPC Ad Editor, choose an impactful single image, type the Instagram profile name, enter primary text, enter a headline, type a description, type in the website URL, and choose a call to action from the dropdown menu.ย  Use the real time character count to make impactful and precise ad copy

Step 2

Sometimes, it can be hard to get your point across in an email or text message. That’s why we recommend that you share the visual ad mockups with clients instead!

Not only will they see exactly how their campaign looks with images but they can also take advantage of commenting on these designs so there isn’t any confusion about what needs to be changed before moving forward with the launch.

Step 3

Once you’ve set permissions for the shareable link, share it with your client. Make any updates based on their comments and let them know that everything is now ready if they want to take a look!

Step 4

Repeat until the client is happy.ย 

The benefits of using an Instagram Ad Mockup Generator

More brainpower means a better performing ad

To get the best performing Instagram Ad, you’ll need to get some contribution from all the skill sets you have available to you.

Resources such as the copywriter, the graphic designer, the client’s brand manager, the legal team, and sometimes the CEO of the brand themselves. The more brainpower you put into the Instagram ad the better the ad becomes.

All hands on deck

To get the best performing Instagram Ad, you need a bit of effort from all of your available resources. Resources such as copywriters and graphic designers will be able to help with creating captivating ads while client managers can provide valuable insight on what customers are looking for online.

Regulated Industries

If you work in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare, finance, or higher education. It is equally important to get the legal team’s approval on ads before they launch to make sure that all the copy is compliant with the rules and regulations of that industry.

Beat the deadline and Stress Less

With PPC Ad Editor, you can get each of your teams involved in building the ad and have them all working together to create an effective campaign.

This saves time without sacrificing quality as deadlines approach! High-performing agencies use PPC Ad Editor to deliver results and set themselves apart from other Agencies.

Why are ads important for your business?

Out of Sight out of Mind

Ads are an important part of any marketing strategy. Ads help you connect with your target audience and can be used to turn website visitors into customers.

It is important for a brand’s success if they stay โ€œon-top mindโ€ so that consumers don’t forget about them, which means having campaigns on main channels such as Google Ads and popular social media platforms such as Facebook ads and Instagram ads!

Here are some tips for making sure that all of your ads are being seen by the right people at the right times:


Make use of Google’s Responsive Search Ads

It’s the new smart ad that is going to replace the traditional expanded text ad type. With RSA Ads the PPC manager provides Google with a series of headlines and descriptions and Google will automatically choose the best performing headline and description to display over time and automatically discards poor performing ad copy.ย Click here for more info about our Responsive Search Ad Generator.

Responsive Search Ad Template

Ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are equally important.

If a potential customer searches on Google for some information about a product they may also search on social media such as on their Facebook page and Instagram pages to see what their network thinks about that product.

PPC Ad Editor platform is expansive and allows you to also create mockups on social networks like Facebook and Instagram so you don’t have to pay more for other mockup tools.

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