How to Create a Google Responsive Search Ad

Support for Google Performance Max Ads

Google’s Performance Max (aka PMax) ads are a great way to create ads across Google Search, YouTube, GMail, Display, and Discovery networks using multiple headlines, descriptions, and images.

Now you can use our Performance Max preview tool and show your clients different variations of your ads without creating campaigns in your Google Account.

Comment and Share in Real time

You can cut down your wait time for approval by using our commenting and sharing features.  Google Ads is notorious for having to create the campaign first and configuring the settings before even starting drafting the ad.  Now you don’t have to waste time doing that with our tool.  Quickly draft up a Performance Max campaign ad to include in your marketing strategy.

Performance Max Ad Generator

Build (and mockup) Google Ads Responsive Search Ads FASTER!

Start with our easy to use mockup tool and show your clients what their Google Performance Max Ads will look like visually.