Google Discovery Ads: What You Need to Know
  • December 10, 2020
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Google Discovery Ads: What You Need to Know

According to Ipsos Research and New Google, more than 80% of users who go online are looking for inspiration or shopping ideas. Three out of four are on the lookout for products or services relevant to them. With Google Discovery ads, you are sure that it places advertisements that users want to see. 

Introduced in 2019, Google Discovery ads are mobile-friendly, visually appealing and audience targeting advertisements that make it easier for businesses to reach out to the right customers. It aims to provide users with a personalized ad experience and encourage them to take action. The visual format runs on Gmail, Google Discover, YouTube Home and Watch Next. 

How to set up a Google Discovery Campaign:

1. Sign in to your Google Ads account and click Campaigns.
2. Select New campaign by clicking on the “plus” button. 
3. Select a marketing objective and a Discovery campaign type. 
4. Click Continue and pick a geographic and language targeting for your campaign. 
5. Select your audiences. 
6. Select a bidding strategy with your average daily budget. 
7. Click Save and continue. 



Getting started with Google Discovery is easy. Just fill out all that is required and follow the instructions on the webpage. 

Creating Google Discovery Ads

It’s imperative to know what your business goals are before getting started with Google Discovery Ads. What is your marketing objective? Is it for sales conversions? Acquire more leads? Website traffic? Clearly defining what your objectives are would help you craft a more effective ad campaign. 

Knowing who your target market is would help you write a targeted headline and a strong description of your product or service. To attract more prospects, upload only high-quality images and write captivating headlines.

You can either set up a single-image ad or a multi-image carousel ad with Google Discovery. A business name, a logo and the final URL (where you would want the users to go) are required. Advertisers can select a call to action text from the drop-down menu. Google also does this for you when Call- to- Action text is set to automatic. 

While advertisers control the visuals of the ad, bidding and targeting are automated for optimum performance based on your budget and bid. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to alter these settings:

  • Delivery method
  • Frequency capping
  • Manual bid strategies
  • Delivery method
  • Delivery method
  • Contextual targeting
  • Ad rotation
  • Placement targeting (including exclusions)

Benefits of Google Discovery Ads

A single campaign coupled with a persuasive headline/description and high-quality photos can help you reach out to your target audience and up to 3 billion Google users. 

The beauty of Discovery ads Google relies on machine learning. It’s effective at driving engagement as it’s designed to understand the customer’s intent based on previous searches, app downloads or videos watched. Users are shown only relevant ads — products and services they are likely to purchase. It can give a user visually rich ads across all devices, enticing them to take action.

To help you meet or exceed your objectives, you have the option to use Target CPA or Maximize conversions bidding. With Google Discovery Ads, you are sure to connect with your ideal customer — a user who would or have already tried buying similar products or service you are offering. The trick is in writing captivating headlines and descriptions to convince a user to either know more about your brand or buy the product/service you are advertising. 

Where do Google Discovery Ads Appear?

Your ads can appear on YouTube, Gmail, Discovery Feed & more.



Google Discovery Feed


How to create Google Discovery Ads

There are 2 types of Google Discovery Ads:

1. Discovery carousel Ad
(Users are able to scroll horizontally to see multiple images within the same ad)
2. Discovery Ad
(1 Image/logo only)

Fortunately, Google makes it very simple to create Google Discovery Ads.

Just fill out each field line by line. Make sure you add unique headlines and descriptions so that Google’s algorithm can stitch together the best ads based on the searcher’s intent.

Also use a combination of images and photos to A/B test performance.

Creating a Google Discovery Carousel Ad

Creating a Google Discovery Ad


Is Google Discovery Ads Right For Me?

Creating brand awareness is essential to businesses as it’s a crucial step to acquiring more customers. You can achieve brand recognition by marketing your product or service. 

Your marketing strategies must be aligned with your objectives. If you’re thinking about driving sales, make sure that you highlight benefits in the product descriptions to attract more customers. It’s also important that you are targeting the right audience

Google Discovery Ads only shows your ads to users who will be interested in them. It’s highly effective in connecting with valuable customers. Whether you seek more signups, website visits or sales conversions, Google Discovery Ads can definitely help. 

If you’re serious about putting your brand in front of your audience, use Google Discovery Ads. The ad placement is determined by what the user is interested in which makes it incredibly effective advertising. 

Helpful Tips:

1. Write a powerful headline to grab their attention. 

Users see a lot of advertisements daily. You have a few seconds to attract their attention and click your ad. Writing a captivating headline or description would help you achieve this. 

2. Highlight the Benefit

We can’t stress this enough. If you want to get a user to take action, talk about your product or service’s benefit. With Google Discovery Ads, you are only allowed up to 40 characters for the headline and up to 90 characters for the description. However, advertisers can enter up to 5 headlines and descriptions. Utilize these in crafting your product’s major benefits. 

3. Create an Urgency

After highlighting the major benefits, give your users a reason to purchase or take action ASAP. Giving away a free trial is a good idea. You can also make a time-limited offer but make sure to advertise an irresistible offer. 

4. Use Only High-Quality Photos

People like to be visually stimulated. They are more likely to respond to an attractive ad with great images. If you want to entice a buyer, consider having professionally-made images for your Google discovery ads. 

Stand Out From the Competition

What will make your prospects choose you over your competitor? When you figure this out, it will be easier to craft that attention-grabbing Google discovery ad. Ensure that your customers will get excited about your offer and you sure will get more sales conversions. If you need help with Google ads, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Google Discovery Ads Mock Up Generator Tool

Looking for a quick and easy way to mock up a Google Search ads for your clients to approve? Contact us today.


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