Google Ads for Black Box Drugs: Google Ad Examples of How to Do It Right
  • April 25, 2022
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Google Ads for Black Box Drugs: Google Ad Examples of How to Do It Right

Paid Search for Black Box Drugs

The pharmaceutical business has long been heavily regulated and restricted, with the FDA restricting what firms may say in advertising. Nonetheless, Google will now allow for a variety of changes to “black box” sponsored postings in the pharmaceutical industry. 

What are Black Box Drugs?

Black box, or warning label, is the most serious type of warning that the FDA can require and is usually reserved for drugs that may cause serious side effects.

The FDA may mandate a pharmaceutical firm to add a boxed warning to the labeling of a prescription drug, indicating that medical research indicates these medicines might cause serious or potentially fatal adverse effects. As a result, “black box” drugs are subjected to greater advertising limitations than others.

Can You advertise black box drugs on Google and Microsoft Ads?

Yes, but with certain conditions. For example, you must have prior approval from the FDA and your ad must direct users to a landing page that contains all relevant safety information.

What’s changed?

Google has now updated its black box policy so that pharmaceutical companies can run ads for black-box drugs as long as they adhere to certain guidelines. In addition, Microsoft Ads has also updated its black box drug policy.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers

Only select countries are allowed to advertise on Google.

Prescription drugs

Only the following countries allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise prescription drugs: Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. Pharmaceutical firms may not market opioid pain relievers as medications.

Restricted drug terms

In most parts of the world, Google disallows the use of prescription drug language in web page advertising, landing pages, keywords, or source code.

Certain companies, such as online pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, may utilize prescription drug terms in ad text and landing pages for campaigns targeting Canada, New Zealand, or the United States. While you do not need to be certified to run your advertisements, you must be certified in order to keyword target prescription drugs.

A Google Ads certification is required to advertise on Google. β€” Click here to apply for a healthcare advertising certificate

What does this mean for paid search advertisers?

This change presents a huge opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to increase awareness of their black box drugs and reach more patients who may benefit from them. However, it is important to note that these ads must be designed carefully in order to comply with all relevant regulations.

Example approved black box drug Google Ads headlines and descriptions


Black box Google ads headline examples


[drug name ]- FDA Approved Treatment Option

[drug name] – Rx Info

[drug name] – Doctor Discussion Guide

Visit the Official Website – Drug Info/Boxed Warning

Black box Google Ads Description examples


Get [drug name] Important Safety, Prescribing Info & Boxed Warning.

Physicians: See [drug name] Efficacy Data. See Safety, PI & Boxed Warning. Savings & Coverage.

View [drug name] Savings Card, Important Safety, Prescribing Info & Boxed Warning.

Eligible patients may obtain savings offer. See full safety info, PI, and boxed warning.

View resources. See Full Prescribing and Safety Info and Boxed WARNING about [condition]

Learn more. See prescribing and safety info and Boxed WARNING about [condition]

Physician Site. Clinical Trial Data. See Full Prescribing Info & Boxed Warning.

Get More Info. Find Boxed Warning, Prescribing and Safety Information.

Learn About An FDA-Approved Treatment Now. Visit The Official Patient Site. Boxed Warning.

Black box drugs Google Ads Examples









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