Present PPC campaigns like a BOSS

If you are like us, you need the clientโ€™s approval before you can launch a new Google Ads PPC Campaign. Clients are pesky that way, always wanting to see what keywords you bid on,what their ad copy looks like, and, you know, be a part of the creative process.

However, the problem here isnโ€™t the client. It is the lack of
Google Ads preview tools.

Today, the collaboration process is broken. To share your Google ads mockup you either created the ads in Google Ads and sent them a screenshot or you sent them an Excel file, which laid out the keywords and ad copy for review. Then you would wait for their comments. This process repeats until you have an approved version of an Excel file named something like:


And that was the easy part of the whole collaboration process.

Now, you take that Excel sheet and manually transfer the data and upload it into Google Ads Editor or directly into Google Ads. Plus, you can forget about QA to ensure you didn’t copy and paste the wrong objects into your build.

Sound familiar?

This convoluted process is why we created PPC Ad Editor, the first comprehensive Google Ads Preview Tool. It streamlines the entire campaign build and client approval process.

Our Google Ads creator allows you to build your campaign and share it with your client for real-time collaboration. Best of all, once it is approved, you simply hit the upload button and the entire campaign is uploaded to Google Ads.

Sound better?

Take a look below to see what your client will see once you share the build from our Google Ads preview tool.