How to Get More Freelance Pay-Per-Click Clients using PPC Ad Editor
  • May 28, 2021
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How to Get More Freelance Pay-Per-Click Clients using PPC Ad Editor

Let us guess. You’re reading this for one of three reasons.

You’re a passionate, hard-working freelancer that’s maxed out the gig allowance on Fiverr, and you’re still not converting your impressions into clicks. Or, you keep getting let down at the last minute on Upwork.

Or maybe you’re doing better than you first thought, but you need that one more freelance pay-per-click client that’s going to change everything for you.

Well, we’ve got the answer, and that’s PPC Ad Editor. By the end of this article, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your clients’ click ratios and building up your retainers faster than you can search on Google.

How to Get More Freelance Pay-Per-Click Clients

If you think you know this already and you’re an experienced freelancer, think again. Whether it’s your first time or a seasoned pro, if you’re not learning every day, you’re not doing it right.

People That You Know

Most freelancers don’t think to start with the easy option; people they know. Ask those people on your friends list you never even knew still lived on the next street along. Or your cousin that’s always complaining they’re spending hundreds on advertising and getting nothing back.

Even if they aren’t in the market for your services, chances are they know someone who could do with your help. And from there, it’s a game of word of mouth.

You’ll soon find that your PPC ad campaign for your cousin generated $10,000 gross profit. So then your cousin tells his connections on LinkedIn about you, and suddenly you have another three leads to price up.

Social Media

Developing the above idea further, start closing leads on social media with similar interests to you! The chances are that there’ll be people who could do with your services in most of these groups.

And we’re talking about good old-fashioned helpful and useful advice. But remember, when you’re on social media, you’re always marketing yourself. So make sure you’re hiding or deleting those old selfies of you that could cost you business!

We aren’t saying to spam everyone with your brand-new company name. But offer some free advice to grab their attention and show how helpful and genuine you are. Soon enough, they’ll be at your feet desperate to save a small fortune on their ad spend.

Jobs Boards

Reach out further on jobs boards like Fiverr or Upwork. These are great because they let you experiment and test the water of what you’re capable of before investing large sums of money in building up your marketing business or even uncovering your hidden freelancing talent.

But what if you’ve already done all these? Well, let’s look in more detail because chances are the answer’s right in front of you.

How to Get More Sales on Fiverr and Upwork

Whatever your skill set, take a step back to look deep into what’s going wrong. In marketing, your customer journey is called the funnel or pipeline. So you need to find the leaky pipe and fix it pronto.

Are you a visionary with great ideas but can’t sell yourself? Hire a copywriter to write your portfolio for you.

Are you so eloquent that you forget the average person thinks your “cornucopia of soliloquies” is a collection of flowers? Sorry to break this to you, but the average reading age for native English speakers is nine years old. Hemingway is your new best friend.

And, if you’re still confused, get a second opinion, and then a third. You’ll find plenty of people out there (hello Facebook groups!) willing to tear your portfolio and gig advertisements to shreds and offer constructive criticism. Plus, it’s a great way to generate new leads!


Create a portfolio of your ads using PPC Ad Editor

As a freelancer, PPC Ad Editor allows you to mock up fake campaigns, text ads, and keywords to show prospective clients how good you are at structuring a campaign, writing good ad copy and doing the right keyword research.

See how everything we talked about is coming together? PPC Ad Editor is the final piece of the puzzle that takes your existing knowledge, collates it, and turns it up a notch to boost trust, validity, and confidence.

How PPC Ad Editor Works

You can build sample campaigns using PPC Ad Editor in your portfolio to get new clients (just like how graphic designers can show off previous samples of their work).

Most experienced freelancers use audits and portfolios as a free sample of what they’re capable of bringing to the customer.

The whole experience acts similar to a CV for a job interview. You’re minimizing risk at the client end, giving them confidence that what they’re buying into is a high-quality service with proven results.

Using PPC Ad Editor to Read the Customer

PPC Ad Editor also gives you a valuable tool to build your client profile. If you’re collaborating effectively, you can pick up any nuances in how the client engages with your work.

The chances are that if your client is a tattoo artist, for example, they’ve got an eye for design and imagery, but not necessarily the language used. From there, you can focus on their weak points and bring the most value from that angle.

In doing so, you might want to tailor the samples towards the language used and keyword research rather than the visual elements of the PPC campaign.

Using PPC Ad Editor to Help Price the Campaign

You can also gauge how you’re going to price the campaign for the client and whether you see the potential for more work. You can use their reactions to your sample audits and ads to work out their intent. If you’re looking for long-term leads for regular work, you may choose to build a more personal relationship and offer a lower price or a discount for multiple jobs.

Conversely, if you know you’ve got a busy month ahead and someone wants a one-off campaign, you can price the project plus an emergency per hour service. If the client is desperate, they will pay. But, you must make sure that you bring value to that client without neglecting your existing clients.

Use PPC Ad Editor to Close the Deal

See, we told you it was a simple fix! All those refreshers we went through to top up your freelancing knowledge culminated in the best tool you never heard of today. Soon enough, you’ll have more clients than you ever imagined!

So with PPC Ad Editor, try it out for free and improve your freelance pay-per-click business today. Let’s bring some life back to those disgruntled entrepreneurs who got stuck in the same rut as yourself.

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